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This is not an update but simply a story I have started. This is the Prologue. I would like your guy's input on it. This is a Harry Potter x Mummy (1999) crossover. In this story Harry has a twin sister named Amara Rose and an older brother James Potter II. So the night Voldemort attacked the curse bounced off Amara, but everyone thinks it bounced off James. For some reason they dropped Amara off at the Dursley. She is very smart for her age. She also is in touch with her magic. She is five when they take their trip to Cairo...

"What do you mean she has to come?" Dudley asked

"Ms. Fig can't watch her, and we will be gone too long to just leave her in the cupboard." Vernon said

"but she runes everything." Dudley wined

"Oh no she will not Dudykins. She will stay in the hotel room the entire time, and ar night she can sleep on the floor in the corner of the room, or in an empty wardrobe." Petunia said

I could hear them talking from my place in my cupboard there were talking about the business trip Uncle Vernon had to take to Cairo, Egypt. I had wanted to go but knew that they were never going to let me but, for once luck was on myside and I was allowed to go under rules of course. I should have known something was wrong because even if Ms. Fig couldn't watch me there was no way they would be okay with me coming.

"Do not talk to anyone. Don't touch anyone. Stay under the radar. Don't draw notice to you. And the most important one of all don't do anything freakish." Vernon said as we walked to the car.

"Of course, Uncle." I said

I got into the car and we drove to the airport. This was my first time seeing a plane and being on one. I had to sit a few rows away from the Dursley which was okay to them because they didn't want my freakiness to rub off on their Dudley. I was sitting next to two men who was from America who was heading to Cairo to look for treasure.

"Egypt was the home of the Pharaoh's. They had much gold, and they all hid it in the same place." he said

The man next to him, spoke up said... "We're looking for a certain place it's called Hamunaptra the city of the dead. It is said to contain a chamber filled with the wealth of Egypt." the other American said

"Well I hope you find it." I said

The rest of the plane ride was filled with them telling me about different things they have looked for and how many they had actually found. According to them they had a man named Beni who had been to Hamunaptra three years ago and they were paying him to take them there and back. The man came over the system and said that we would be starting our downward descent into Cairo. Once we landed I said a quick goodbye to the Americans and followed after the Dursley. We made our way to the hotel we would be staying at, once we got to the room Vernon made quick work of telling me where I would be sleeping and retold me the rules, and made sure I knew what the punishment would be if I broke one of them. The Dursley left the room and headed to look around Cairo. When they got back they ate and went to bed. I headed over and sleep in my little corner.

We had been in Cairo for two days. Vernon told me they would going to be gone all day and I was to not leave the room. After they left, I broke one of the rules, I left. I wanted to go the museum. I had not be able to leave the Dursley house most of the time, but when I did would sneak out and go to the library, I even made it to the local museum once. I knew it was safe because the Dursley would never go to the library or the museum. I made it out of the hotel with no one noticing me.

I made it to the museum, and there was barely anyone there so I knew that if I acted normal, and like I knew what I was doing no one would pay attention. Plus, people don't like to question why a child would be in a museum alone. I was looking at a big black rock with pictures on it, when a woman with glasses on and reading a book bumped into to me. Two rules broken.

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