The Chase

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Author's Note: I will be skipping Zuko Alone seeing as it doesn't have anything to do with Team Avatar. But while Zuko was alone he figured out his feelings towards Kida, and by the end of the chapter you will know what those feelings are.


We are preparing to set up the campsite. Aang hands Sokka a sleeping bag, Toph stands on the ground near Appa.

"Hey! You guys picked a great campsite." Toph said

We all look at Toph to see her wriggling her toes in the thick mat of fur covering the ground around Appa.

"The grass is so soft." Toph said

"That's not grass. Appa's shedding." I said

"Oh, gross!" Katara said

Aang is sitting on Appa, a bluebird is perched on his head and a yellow butterfly past. Momo jumps up in an attempt to catch the butterfly.

"That's not gross, it's just a part of spring! You know, rebirth, flowers blooming and Appa gets a new coat." Aang said

"Ah, the beauty of spring." Katara said

Appa who had currently been grooming himself, sneezes, releasing a thick cloud of fur. Katara waves her arms about, now coated in fur.

"Stop! Appa, stop! Ugh!" Katara yells

"It's not that bad, guys." Sokka said

He turns to reveal a wig made of fur, done up in a towering beehive.

"It makes a great wig!" Sokka said

Aang moves over to the pile of fur and quickly makes a beard of fur.

"And a great beard!" Aang said

Aang and Sokka laugh while pointing at each other. Katara and I share a look. I quickly freeze the beard and wig to their face and head. Katara wipes the fur off her clothing.

"I'm just glad we finally have another girl in the group, because you two are disgusting." Katara asked

Toph walks up behind the two boys.

"Excuse me, does anyone have a razor? Because I've got some hairy pits!" Toph said

She raises her arms, revealing that she had stuffed fur in her sleeves. The three laugh, Katara and I just shake our heads. Aang sneezes, sending himself flying backward. The big sneeze causes him to crash against Appa's leg and for fur to blow off Toph's armpit hair. The impact leaves some fur on his back. They continue to laugh joyfully, Sokka tries to pull his hair off but can't, Aang tries to pull his bread off but it is also stuck. This cause Katara and I to laugh a little bit.

"Why won't it come off?" Sokka asked

"I don't know." Aang said

"Why don't you try and pull harder." I said

"Okay." Aang said

Both Aang and Sokka try to pull Appa's fur off, but it doesn't budge. Katara and I start to laugh.

"What did you guys do?" Sokka yelled

"I didn't do anything what about you Kida?" Katara asked

"I might have." I said

"Well undo it." Sokka said

"Nope, it will come off in a second or a few hours." I said

"Okay." Aang said

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