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My name is Rhella, I am the daughter of Hakoda and Kya. Younger sister of Sokka and Katara. I am  I can fight like my brother, father used to say that I was sometimes better than him. I also can water bend like my sister. I can do other things as well. There are only three things the differ me from everyone else in the Southern water tribe. The first thing is that I have eyes the color of ice, second my hair is as white as snow, and third I'm a lot paler than everyone else. Gran thinks I look like this is because the night I was born it was the coldest it had ever been in over 100 years.

Before mom died she used to tell me that I was bending at a very young age. But it wasn't water that I was bending but ice. I know what you are thinking ice is water, but the ice just appeared from thin air it was amazing. Two years after that I learned that I could also bend water.

Then the night my mother died, I learned that I could bend something else. I was with my mother when the fire nation arrived, I was by my mother's side when the solider came in. My mother sent Katara out, I don't remember much, but what I do is that my mother is dead and when the solider tried to kill me with his fire I was able to bend it away from me. I thought that he would take me wit me but, he didn't, he just turned at left. I remember crying over my mothers body when dad had come running in. He had asked what happened I just cried and keep crying. When I finally stopped and he had asked me again I had told him that I didn't remember. Dad didn't push.

It wasn't long after that, that Dad and the other male members of the tribe left to fight in the war that's been goin on for 100 years. Sokka, the children, and the elderly were the only males left in the tribe, I could see how much that had hurt Sokka to be left behind, but it didn't slow him down, or hold him back. We still spared everyday, Katara and I practiced are water bending everyday and sometime I tried to help her learn to bend ice, but she couldn't and it didn't help no one else in the south pole was a bender. But we were doing just fine.

Now then enough with my back story lets get to reason why you are here…


A/N The ages of everyone in the Avatar: The Last Airbender

Sokka- 15 years old
Katara - 14 years old
Rhella- 13 years old
Aang- 112 years old
Zuko- 17 years old
Azula- 14 years old
Toph- 12 years old

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