The Swamp

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We are flying over a large forested area, it is covered in fog, and looks rather menacing. Sokka is rubbing a whetstone against his machete, while Katara is looking from a scroll to me then back to me. Aang is staring down at the swamp, and he seems to be in a trance. I look down to see that we are slowly descending.

"Hey, you taking us down for a reason? Aang, why are we going down?" Sokka asked

"What? I didn't even notice." Aang said

"Are you noticing now?" Sokka asked

"Is something wrong?" Katara asked

"Yeah, you looked like you were in some kind of trance." I said

Aang still looks down at the swap.

"I know this is going to sound weird, but I think the swamp is calling to me." Aang said

Sokka wraps his arm around his waist.

"Is it telling you where we can get something to eat?" Sokka asked

"No, I...I think it wants us to land there." Aang said

"No offense to the swamp, but I don't see any land there to land on." Sokka said

"I don't know. Bumi said to learn earthbending I would have to wait and listen, and not I'm actually hearing the earth. Do you want me to ignore it?" Aang asked

"Well you are the Avatar if you think it's telling you to land, then land." I said

"Yes," Sokka said

"I don't know. There's something ominous about that place." Katara said

"You know where I stand... or sit." I said

Momo hides inside Appa's saddle as Appa groans.

"See, even Appa and Momo don't like it here." Sokka said

"Okay, since everyone except Kida, feels so strongly about this, bye swamp. Yip, Yip." Aang said

Appa groans and flies upward, away from the swamp. A tornado emerges from out of nowhere, heading right for us.

"Guys, guys." I said

Sokka turns to look at me.

"You better throw in an extra "yip"! We gotta move." Sokka said

Appa starts to fly faster, attempting to avoid the tornado, however he is not fast enough to get away. As the tornado begins to move closer to us, the wind begins to pull Sokka right off from the saddle. Katara and I grab onto his hands, holding him back from flying into the tornado. Aang jumps up onto Appa's saddle and creates an air shield around Appa, stabilizing the air and allowing Sokka to fall back into the saddle, uninjured. The wind sucks Appa, who is still protected by the air shield, into the tornado. Aang struggles to maintain the air shield, however as it shrinks, one of Appa's legs slips from the protective air, thereby breaking it. We all fall off of Appa. I use my bending to lessen my fall. Aang's lands lightly while Katara and Sokka land quite roughly. Appa and Momo are thrown elsewhere in the swamp.

"Where's Appa and Momo?" Aang asked

He quickly jumps up to the top of the trees, looking for his animal friends as he uses the height to search for them.

"Appa! Momo!" Aang yells

I look at Katara and Sokka.

"Sokka, you have a elbow leech." I said

Sokka starts to freak out, panicking.

"Where? Where?" Sokka asked

"Really Sokka where do you think?" I asked

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