Sokka's Master

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We were laying down on grass looking up at the sky, watching a meteor shower.

"Wow, this is amazing to watch." Katara said

"Kind of makes you realize how insignificant we are." Sokka said

"Wow Sokka that was very deep." I said

"Eh, you've seen nothing once, you've seen it a thousand times." Toph said

I see a big meteor heading for the ground and we all let out gasps of amazement.

"Oh, man, you've never not seen anything like this." Sokka said

We all stand up next to him, well minus Toph. The meteor files past us. We follow the meteor with our eyes and body we turn to see the meteor crash nearby. We all run up a hill, and look towards the crash site. We all exchange looks of concern. We quickly climb onto Appa and fly to the site.

"The fire is gonna destroy that town." Katara said

"Not if we can stop it." Aang said

Appa lands next to the crash site, all of us jump out except for Katara who moves to the front of Appa and takes the reins.

"There's a creek over here. I'll bend the water onto the fire." Katara said

Appa takes off. Aang turns to all of us.

"Toph, let's make a trench to stop the fire from coming any closer. Kida hold the fire back as long as possible." Aang said

"Why can't i just stop the fire all together, I mean I am a firebender." I said

"Now is not the time." Sokka said

I rolled my eyes, and moved to hold the fire at bay. Toph and Aang move off, Sokka just looks down.

"What should I do?" Sokka asked

Toph, Aang, and I stop to look back at Sokka. Momo flies by.

"Keep an eye on Momo." Aang said

Momo then lands on Sokka's shoulder.

"So what, I'm just a lemur sitter? There, there, feel better?" Sokka asked

I move my hands and hold the fire back, as Aang and Toph begin to earthbend. The trench begins to form. They are successful and the trench stops the fire from spreading. I let the fire go, I turn to see some little flames fly near Sokka, and land on the ground. Sokka puts on out by hitting it with his machete by hitting it. But Momo ups him by putting out five in the same time, much to Sokka's dismay. Katara flies over a river, she grabs some water and returns to the crash site. I look up to see a globe of water following behind Appa. She quickly puts out some of the fire with the water. Toph beings to earthbending to put some of the fire. Sokka just sits watching, along with Momo as the earth Toph is using rolls past. Katara gives some of her water to Aang. Aang use some water to bend, waterbending and airbending to out some more of the fire out. I finish putting out the rest of the fire. The mix of my bending and Aang's bending caused it to snow.

"Sokka, stand clear." Aang said

"Right. Staying clear, got it." Sokka said

Sokka picks up Momo and moves away. Sokka is still walking away as he gets drenched in water. Katara lands next to Sokka. I move over to stand next to Sokka. I quickly bend the water out of Sokka's close. Aang and Toph also move over to us.

"Good work, everybody." Aang said

"How come you didn't just have Kida put it out?" Katara asked

"I said I could but evidently they just wanted to have some fun." I said

Time Skip Text Day...

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