The Siege of the North Pole Part 1

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I was sitting on the steps watching Katara spar a young boy named Sangok. She eyes her opponent with a look of determination. Sangok looks at her with a frightened expression on his face, shaking slightly. He summons a globule of water, freezes it into an iceball, and fires it at her. Katara, however, is quick to melt the iceball and, turning around swiftly, bends a wave of water at him, which she proceeds to freeze, thus suspending Sangok in an icy trap.

"Nice try, Pupil Sangok. (Sangok tries to break free) A couple of more years and you might be ready to fight a sea sponge. (He unfreezes the ice, Sangok falls to the ground dazed) Would anyone care for a rematch with Katara?" Pakku asked

I look over to the students, who are sitting to the side. All of them are tired and unamused.

"Katara, you've advanced more quickly than any student I've ever trained. You have proven that with fierce determination, passion and hard work, you can accomplish anything. (Looks at Aang) Raw talent alone is not enough." Pakku said

Aang is lying on the ground with a lazy smile, floating Momo around on an airball above him.

"Pupil Aang." Pakku said

Aang stops bending at the sound of his name, Momo lands on his head.

"Yes, Master Pakku?" Aang asked

"Care to step into the sparring circle? I figure since you've found time to play with house pets, you must have already mastered waterbending." Pakku said sarcastically

Aang jumps off the ground with airbending.

"I wouldn't say mastered, but check this out." Aang said

Aang twists around, bending some snow around him to make a snowman of himself, which Momo knocks over. Pakku and Katara who wear similar expressions of disdain. Pakku shakes his head in disappointment, while Katara looks on in irritation.

"I'll go against Katara." I said

"Really?" Katara asked

"Yeah, I mean why not. I mean unless you don't want to." I said

"No, let's do it." Katara said

Katara and I bow to each other. Katara sends a water whip towards me, but I easily dodge it. I use one of Katara moves against her. I sends ice disks at her, she dodges all of them. She creates a water ball and sends it at me, I freeze it and send it back at her. She turns out of the way, and sends a wave of water at me. It hits me and sends backwards. I landed in the water, I stood up in the water, I put my hand out beside me, the water came up to my hand and turned to ice. I flung my hand out towards Katara, it hit her she went flying backwards.

 I flung my hand out towards Katara, it hit her she went flying backwards

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She used her waterbending to slow herself down and cushion the fall. She stands up and glares at me.

"Are you okay Katara?" I asked

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