The Deserter

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We landed in a frost. We didn't know We walked towards a roadside kiosk.

"(walking towards a poster on the kiosk, present in the middle of crossroad.) This should give us a good idea of what's around here." Katara said

Sokka flips a small pouch to find it is empty aside from a few crumbs.

"See if you can find a menu, I'm starving." Sokka said

"I bet we'll find something to eat here. (points at the poster) the Fire Day's Festival. Fire Nation cultural exhibits, jugglers, benders, magicians... this would be a great place for me to study some real firebenders." Aang said

"You can't learn fire till you have learned water, and earth." I said

Aang nodded his head. I see Sokka looking at a different poster.

"You might wanna rethink that. Look at this." Sokka said

We all move over to him. We see a poster of Aang.

"Hey, a poster of me." Aang said

"A wanted poster! This is bad." I said

Aang removes the poster from the wall and starts reading it. Katara also looks it over.

"I think we better keep moving." Katara said

"I agree." I said

"(Looks at Katara and I) I have to learn firebending at some point and this could be my only chance to watch master's up close." Aang said

"I guess we could go check it out." Katara said

"This is a bad idea." I said

"What? You wanna walk into a Fire Nation town where they're all fired-up with know, fire?" Sokka asked

Katara heads towards Appa.

"We'll wear disguises and if it looks like trouble, we'll leave." Katara said

"(not convinced) Yeah. Because we always leave before we got into trouble." Sokka said sarcastically

"(to Appa and Momo) You guys stay out of sight here while we go to the festival. (to Katara, Sokka, and I) Ready disguises." Aang said

Sokka and Katara put on their black cloaks while Aang pulls his orange shawl over his head with a smile on his face making him look ridiculous, while I on the other hand actually put on a fire nation outfit.

"It's like you're a whole different person..." Sokka said sarcastically

Katara and I both giggle.

"Let's go." Aang said

We head towards the festival once we arrive we see that everyone is wearing a mask.

"I think we need some new disguises." Katara said

"Where are we gonna get masks like that?" Sokka asked

"Get you genuine Fire Festival masks here." a mask dealer yells

"That was surprisingly easy." Sokka said

We each choose a mask. Katara chooses a lady with makeup, Sokka a blue smiling mask with petals around the rim, I choose a white mask with red around the eyes, and Aang who Chooses a red mask with a frown on it. Katara removes Sokka's mask, revealing him to be frowning, and Aang's mask, revealing him to be the one smiling. She places Sokka's original mask over Aang's face and Aang's over Sokka.

"Hey, there's some food." Aang said

"Finally! (to the shop keeper) What do you have?" Sokka asked

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