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Redeemed (Sokka x O.C.) by LillyinSnappe
Redeemed (Sokka x O.C.)by Lillyin Joe
requested by someone Sokka x oc let me know if you have any ideas! #1 in atla #1 in Air #1 in Earth Thank you all so much for the votes! I've never had a story reach a #...
  • earthbended
  • sokka
  • water
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Fire Burns and Ice Freeze by silverfire0
Fire Burns and Ice Freezeby silverfire0
Hi my name is Kida, I'm the younger sister of Katara and Sokka. My Gran is always saying how I'm the perfect mix of my older brother and sister, because I can fight like...
  • ice
  • katara
  • sokka
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The world behind the fence by HazelTearDrops
The world behind the fenceby HazelTearDrops
Will Hazel ever be a part of the world behind the fence?
  • bored
  • fun
  • adventure
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The One With Wings (Avengers fan fiction) by MeepMonster7
The One With Wings (Avengers fan f...by MeepMonster7
"People call me many things, freak, monster, dork, bookworm, etc. etc. I honesty couldn't care less, I only look after myself, I don't annoy others. But for some re...
  • hawkeye
  • blackwidow
  • ironman
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The girl who played with fire by hikaruhittchachin
The girl who played with fireby hikaruhittchachin
  • zukofanfic
  • zuko
  • avater
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