Lake Laogai

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I will be skipping Appa's Lost Days since it makes me sad and it doesn't pertain to Kida.

Iroh, Zuko, and I were in the tea shop. Iroh and I serve tea two customers, who look like they greatly enjoy it.

"So, you're the genius behind this incredible brew. The whole city is buzzing about you! I hope Pao pays you we well." the man named Quon said

"Good tea is its own reward." Iroh said

"but it doesn't have to be the only reward. How would you like to have your own tea shop?" Quon asked

Pao who had been standing close by quickly walks over to us.

"My own tea shop? This is a dream come true!" Iroh said

"You have no idea the monster you just created." I said

"What do you mean?" Quon asked

"Ir...Mushi here loves tea more than he loves breathing." I said

Quon and man with him just smile and laugh.

"What's going on here? Are you trying to poach my tea-maker?" Pao asked

"Sorry Pao, but that's business for you, am I right?" Quon asked

"Mushi, if you stay, I'll make you assistant manager. Wait, senior assistant manager!" Pao said

"I'll provide you with a new apartment in the Upper Ring." Quon said

Zuko who was busy putting empty tea cups on a tray, stops and looks over at us listening to Quon's offer.

"The tea shop is yours to do whatever you want, complete creative freedom." Quon said

"I even get to name the shop?" Iroh asked

"Of course!" Quon said

"Uh, senior executive assistant manager?" Pao asked

Iroh hands Pao the pot of tea and bows to the customer's, agreeing to the terms. Pao walks away sadly, Zuko walks over to us.

"Did you hear, nephew? This man wants to give us our own tea shop in the Upper Ring of the city!" Iroh said

"That's right, young man, and woman. Your life is about to change for the better!" Quon said

"I'll try to contain my joy." Zuko said

I hit him on the back of the head. He shrugs and walks outside, I follow him. I see piece of paper falling from the sky, I pick one up to see that it's a poster of Appa which says he is missing. I see Zuko climb to the top of a house.

"Poor Aang." I said

Zuko hops back down.

"For the first time agree, even I could tell he loved Appa." Zuko said

"It's more than that. Aang is Avatar and they have special connections with their pets. Plus Appa is one of the few things Aang has left from his home, his people." I said

"I hope he finds him." Zuko said

- - - - - Short Time Skip - - - - -

Iroh and I were in his room, I was helping pack for the move to the Upper Ring. Zuko walks in.

"So, I was thinking about names for my new tea shop. How about the Jasmine Dragon? It's dramatic, poetic, has a nice ring to it." Iroh said

Zuko takes the flyer from before out of his pocket and shows it to Iroh.

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