The Crossroads of Destiny

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Zuko, Iroh, and I are walking towards the Royal Palace.

"Many times I imagined myself here, at the threshold of the place. But I always thought I would be here as a conquer. Instead, we are the Earth King's personal guests, here to serve him tea. Destiny is a funny thing." Iroh said

"It sure is, Uncle." Zuko said

Before we walked into the room that we were supposed to meet the King in I grabbed Zuko's hand, and pulled him back to me.

"After this, we need to talk." I said

"About what?" Zuko asked

"Now's not the time." I said

"Okay." Zuko said

Zuko kissed my forehead.

"Let's go in." Zuko said

"Okay." I said

Zuko and I headed into the room. Iroh pours some tea into a cup.

"What's taking so long?" Zuko asked

"Maybe the Earth King overslept." Iroh said

I see Dai Li agents enter the room and circle us.

"Something is wrong. The air is hotter." I said in a whisper

"I agree. Something's not right." Zuko said

Azula walks past the Dai Li agents and comes to stand in front of us.

"It's tea time." Azula said

Zuko quickly stands up.

"Azula!" Zuko said

"Have you met the Dai Li? They're earthbenders, but they have a killer instinct that's so firebender. I just love it." Azula said

Iroh picks up his cup of tea, and I crate a distraction for the Dai Li agents. But had yet to put it in action.

"Did I ever tell you how I got the nickname 'the Dragon of the West'?" Iroh asked

"I'm not interested in a lengthy anecdote, Uncle." Azula said

"It's more of a demonstration, really." Iroh said

Iroh begins drinking his tea. Zuko looks over at him and smiles before behind him. Iroh begins breathing fire. The fire blast makes a hole in the wall, I release my distortion which freezes them to the wall. Zuko, Iroh, and escape from the room. We turn around the corner. Iroh generates lighting and destroys the wall in front before jumping down into a bush below. Zuko doesn't jump which causes me to run into his back.

"What are you doing Zuko? Jump!" I said

"Come on! You'll be fine!" Iroh said

"No! I'm tired of running! It's time I faced Azula!" Zuko said

"Zuko. No." I said

"Yes, Kida. She tried to Iroh, and almost killed you." Zuko said

He kissed my forehead, and pushed me out the window. I land in the bush next to Iroh. Zuko looked down at us then turned and head back down the corridor. Iroh grabs my arm and pulls me behind him as we run from the palace.

"Iroh where are we going?" I asked

"To your siblings." Iroh said

It doesn't take us that long to find where they were staying seeing, as there was only one house with a missing sidewall. We also saw a Dai Li agent outside their house so, I quickly used my ice to restrain him. We walk up to the door, Iroh is about to knock when we hear someone talking on the inside.

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