The Runaway

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I was sitting on a chair that I had made a of ice and watched Aang trailing session with Katara and Toph. Toph and Katara are facing each other, each taking a fighting stance, the latter controlling two streams of water in her hand. Aang walks up and ties his headband over his eyes like a blindfold.

"Okay. I'm ready for some training." Aang said

Aang turns to face the girls and takes two steps forward in a stance similar to Toph's. When he brings his second foot down, he dodges three pillars that appear out of the ground near him. Aang redirects the water that Katara sent at him. He quickly launches a boulder at Toph who catches it and stops it.

"Good job, twinkle Toes. Visualize, then attack." Toph said

Toph launches the boulder back at Aang, who burrows into a hole with earthbending. The boulder instead hits Katara square in the chest, knocking her down. Katara stands back up and brushes dust off of her.

"Maybe you should take your own advice, Toph." Katara said

"What's the matter? Can't handle a little dirt, Madame Fussy-Britches?" Toph asked

Katara's eyebrow twitches and she glares at Toph with her vein shown on head before she angrily creates a wave and sends it at Toph, who gets splashed by it and becomes annoyed.

"Oh, sorry. Did I splash you, Mud-Slug?" Katara asked

Katara creates an ice ramp, and Toph creates an earth ramp, both proceeding to head straight for each other. They crash and both girls go flying.

"Are we taking a break?" Aang asked

I see Sokka smiling evilly from behind Aang. He quickly gets up and charges at Aang. The background changes to a rushing one.

"Sneak Attack." Sokka yells

Aang, casually and still looking away from Sokka, creates an earth wall, which stops Sokka dead in his tracks. Aang lowers the wall, which causes Sokka to fall down. Aang raise his blindfold and turns to look at Sokka. I start laughing.

"Sokka, sneak attacks don't work if you yell it out loud." I said

We hear a noise, we all turn to see Toph and Katara wresting in a puddle of mud.

"Hungry for a mud pie?" Toph asked

Toph kicks mud in Katara's face. Katara wipes the mud off her face.

"I'll give you a mud pie." Katara said

Katara waterbends a stream of mud at Toph, knocking her down. She quickly gets up and earthbends a pillar underneath Katara, which sends her flying towards a wall. She starts running toward Katara, but stops at the last second when they hear Aang.

"Uh guys, I thought we were supposed to be training me." Aang said

Katara takes a few steps forward, covered in mud but very calm.

"Very well, pupil. I believe we've had enough training for today." Katara said

With that she turns and walks away.

"While Katara cleans up." Toph said

Toph then earthbends the mud off herself and runs towards us.

"Let's go have some fun." Toph said

"Yeah." Aang, Sokka, and I said together

We all leave the camp site and head towards the closet city which is named Fire Fountain City. Sokka is carrying his sword horizontally across his shoulders. We all hear a loud crawling noise, we look up to see messenger hawks flying in and out of a large coop.

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