Nightmare and Daydreams

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After what happened with Hama Sokka thought it best that we head straight to the rendezvous point. We landed on an island we all hop off Appa.

"This is it. The official rendezvous point for the invasion force." Sokka said

"How did you pick this place?" Toph asked

"I was wondering the same thing." I said

"Before we spilt up, my dad and I found this island on the map. It's uninhabited, and the harbors surrounded by the cliffs seemed like the perfect secluded place." Sokka said

"Nice choice, Sokka. And we're here four days ahead of schedule." Katara said

"Wait! Four days? The invasion's in four days?" Aang asked

"Whatever. That's like four days from now. Let's just calm down and-" Sokka said

Sokka yawns, and lays down asleep and begins snoring.

"Sokka's got the right idea, Aang. We're here. We're ready. The best thing we can do now is get plenty of rest." Katara said

Katara lies down, I lay down as well.

"I guess." Aang said half heartedly

We all quickly fall asleep.

I was woken up to the sound of something hitting something. I open my eyes and roll over to see that Aang is hitting a tree with his fists.

"Hey. How long have you been up?" Katara asked

"A couple hours. I got a lot more skills to refine of I'm gonna fight Ozai." Aang said

Aang stops and starts panting.

"you know, there is such a thing as over-training." Katara said

"Seriously Aang, if you over train you might be too tired or sore to go against him." I said

Aang hits the tree one last time, which sends a vibration throughout his body and makes him fall down, with all of the leaves off the tree collapsing on him. Katara and I look at each other than down at him. Sokka is just holding his map. Aang comes out from under the leaves and walks around Katara in a fighting stance.

"You don't get it, do you? My form is bad, I'm sloppy, and I still don't know any firebending. Not even the basics, and Kida can't teach me." Aang said

Aang's left eye twitches a little bit after saying this. Katara brings Aang's hand down, with a forced smile on her face. Sokka is lying down still looking at his map.

"That's okay, Aang. The eclipse will block off firebending anyway. You don't need to know it. Plus, it's a stupid element. No offense Kida." Sokka said

"None taken." I said

"Okay, well I still have to work on everything else. I better spend the whole day training." Aang said

Aang bows quickly toward Sokka, followed by Katara, and rides off on an air scooter. Sokka moves the map up in front of his face to hide behind it.

That Night:

The others were asleep. I stayed up and waited for Aang to come back. I see Aang walk back towards us from his day of training. He looks exhausted. Aang rubs his eye and yawns before collapsing.

"Good night, Katara. Good night, Kida. Good night Sokka. Good night, Toph. Good night, Appa. Good night, Momo. Good night, Appa and Mo-" Aang said

"Go to sleep already." Toph yells

I see Toph flinch upon hearing Toph. He closes his eyes. I do the dame and quickly fall asleep. I was woken up by Momo running across my stomach. I sit up to see Aang pacing, Katara is also up.

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