The Fortuneteller

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We are sitting by a lake. We are looking at the lake. When a large se tu suddenly bursts from the surface, leaps through the air, and lands with a splash into the water.

"Look." Katara said

Sokka stands up and looks at it. The fish, a se tu, leaps into the air again, facing the group in mid-jump before landing in the water again.

"He is taunting us. You are so going to be dinner." Sokka said

Sokka grabs his fishing pole from his tent that is set up nearby and attempts to cast the pole into the water unsuccessfully. Sook looks at his fishing pole.

"Hey, where's the fishing line?" Sokka asked

"Oh, I didn't think you would need it, Sokka." Aang said

Aang holds up an intricately woven necklace decorated with a red flower.

Sokka walks over and looks at the necklace.

"Aw, it's all tangled." Sokka wines

Aang stands up.

"(Rises to his feet) Not tangled. Woven. I made you necklace, Katara. I thought since you lost your other one" Aang said

Aang stops mid-sentence and displays the necklace, holding it between his hands as he flashes a toothy grin. Katara smiles and approaches Aang.

"Thanks, Aang. (takes the necklace) I love it." Katara said

"(Sarcastically) great, Aang. Maybe instead of saving the world, you can go into the jewelry-making business." Sokka said

"I don't see why I can't do both." Aang said

The se tu continues its acrobatic display. Sokka tosses the fishing line into the water in an attempt to spear the fish. He only grows more frustrated when he sees the se tu leap from the water, unharmed.

"Stop taunting me." Sokka yelled

Sokka runs into the water, holding his jawbone dagger.

"So, how do I look?" Katara asked

I turn around to see Katara, Aang looks at her with a loopy grin.

"You mean, all of you or just your neck. (Puts his right hand behind his head on embarrassment.) I mean, because both look great." Aang said nervously

Sokka emerges from the water, holding the se tu.

"Smoochie, smoochie, someone's in love." Sokka said

Sokka starts making kissing noises before the se tu breaks free from his grasp, slapping Sokka in the face with its tail and disappearing under the water.

"Well, uh" Aang said very much embarrassed

"Stop teasing him, Sokka. Aang's just a good friend. A sweet, little guy. Just like Mom." Katara said

"You have just been friend zoned Aang. Have fun getting out of it." I said

"Thanks." Aang said

Sokka emerges empty-handed from the lake, soaking wet and cross. Momo suddenly flies off Aang's shoulder upon hearing a loud noises in the distance. Momo leaps onto a rock followed by Aang, who observes what is going on. He points to something in the distance. I move over to his side.

"Someone's being attacked by a platypus bear." I said

The platypus bear is standing on it's hind legs and swings at a man clad in blue, who smiles merrily, his hands behind his back. The man manages to avoid the bear's swings by calmly stepping backwards. The creature continues its attacks as Aang leap onto a rock directly behind it. We move towards the man and the platypus bear.

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