Sozin's Comet Part 4: Avatar Aang

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Just like the last chapter most of this chapter will be written in the third person and I will write where the place is.

Stone Pillars where Aang and Ozai are fighting:

Ozai throws a left-curved fire blast, followed with a right-curved blast. He fires a straight blast. Aang endures the fire blasts from inside the earth sphere shield.

"Come on out, Avatar! You can't hide in there forever!" Ozai yells

As Ozai yells at Aang tauntingly he is using a a flamethrower blast with his hair swaying in the wind.


Sokka and Toph are running on top of one of three airships.

"Toph, metalbend the rudder so it's jammed in a turning position. The ship will spiral and slam into the others." Sokka said

"Got it!" Toph said

She moves as Sokka out of the way, spits into her hands, and rubs them together. Toph grips and meatalbends the rubber while grunting in effort, and the firebenders inside the ship crash into the wall, and due to the action, the ship crashes into the others.

"Have I ever mentioned how sweet it is that you invented metalbending?" Sokka asked

"You could stand to mention it more." Toph said

A firebender comes out of the ship and fires at Sokka and Toph. Dragging Toph along, Sokka jumps off the ship planting his sword in the side of the vessel to stop their descent. He manages to slow them down, though they still fall off and roughly land on a platform below; Sokka breaks his leg in the process, and his sword embeds itself in the metal just in front of him. Toph, however, falls off the platform, though Sokka manages to grab hold of her hand at the last moment.

"My leg. Hang on Toph." Sokka said

"Aye, aye, Captain." Toph said

Two firebenders emerge on the platforms beside them, posing a threat from two sides. As one of the soldiers is about to firebend at them, Sokka throws his boomerang at him, knocking him out. He kicks his sword in to his hand and throws it at the remaining soldier's platform, it cuts right through the metal and plummets to the forest below.

"Bye, space sword." Sokka said sadly

More firebenders come outside, ready to finish the pair.

"I don't think boomerang's coming back, Toph. It looks like this is the end." Sokka said

Toph starts crying and the firebenders run away. The airship gets struck by a different one and Sokka lets Toph fall onto it before humping down himself, hurting his leg again in the process. He falls over in pain.

"How did that happen? Did boomerang come back?" Toph asked

Sokka looks up.

"No, Suki did." Sokka said

They see Suki riding on the last functioning airship with a triumphant smile.

Stone Pillars where Aang and Ozai are fighting:

Ozai is still throwing fire blast at Aang. He blasts Aang a few more times and rises up to fly toward the shell to shoot an enormous, continuous blast of fire at Aang. Ozai steps back to charge another intense attack causing Aang's rock shield to be crushed and Aang protects himself with an airbending shield but is pushed back by the force of the attack, crashing into a rock pillar. The scar on his back is hit with a point of the rock, causing him to flash back to when he was shot by lighting. He flashes back to Avatar Roku explaining how the ability works. He turns his head to see Kyoshi and more Avatars, all with their eyes lit up. the flashbacks end. Aang is covered in rubble.

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