The Drill

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We were standing in front of the ticket woman after getting off the ferry. She is inspecting Zuko, Iroh's and my tickets.

"So, Mr. Lee, Ms. Kida, and Mr. umm...Mushy, is it?" the ticket woman asked

"It's pronounced Mushi." Iroh said

"You telling me how to do my job?" the ticket woman asked annoyed

"Uh, no, no. But may I just say you're like a flower in bloom. Your beauty is intoxicating." Iroh said

"You're pretty easy on the eyes yourself, handsome. Raorr! Welcome to Ba Sing Se." the ticket woman said

We walk away from the ticket woman.

"I'm going to forget I saw that." Zuko said disgusted

"I agree." I said

Zuko and I take our tickets from Iron. I could see Jet, Longshot and Smellerbee looking at Zuko. We are sitting in the waiting area waiting for our train that would take us into the city. Jet approaches Zuko and I.

"So, you guys got plans once you're inside the city?" Jet asked

"Get you hot tea here! Finest tea in Ba Sing Se!" a tea seller yells

"Ohh! Jasmine please" Iroh said

The tea seller pours tea into a leaf cup and hands it to Iroh. Iroh sips the rea, but soon grimaces.

"Blaugh! Ugh, coldest tea in Ba Sing Se is more like it! What a disgrace!" Iroh said

"Hey, can I talk to you two for a second?" Jet asked

He motions for Zuko and I to follow him. Zuko sighs and we both reluctantly rises. We walk several feet away from Iroh's spot.

"You, Kida, and I have a much better chance of making it in the city if we stick together. You want to join the Freedom Fighters?" Jet asked

I looked at Jet and raised my eyebrow at him.

"Not like we used to be." Jet said

"Sure." I said

"Thanks, but I don't think you want me in your gang." Zuko said

"You know my answer." I said

"I know but it was worth a try." Jet said

"Come on Lee, we made a great team looting that captain's food. Think of all the good we could do for these refugees." Jet said

"I said no." Zuko said

He turns around and starts to walk away.

"Have it your way." Jet said

I got to follow Zuko but Jet grabs my wrist.

"Where are your sister, brother, and Aang. And why aren't you with them?" Jet asked

"We got separated. I knew they were headed here so I headed here." I said

"Why are you with Lee and Mushi?" Jet asked

"We had met them earlier so when I saw them I decided to hang with them." I said

Jet looked over my shoulder and his eyes got really big. I turned and saw what made his eyes widen. Iroh's tea was steaming.

"Bye, for now." I said

I turned and headed over to Iroh as did Zuko who had been standing close by. I turn my head to see Jet walking away. Zuko angrily knocks the tea cup out of Iroh's hand.

"Hey!" Iroh yelled

"What are you doing firebending your tea? For a wise, old man, that was pretty stupid move." Zuko said in a whisper

"Seriously, Jet who hates Firebenders saw the steam coming from the cup." I said

"I know you're not supposed to cry over spilled tea,'s just so sad!" Iroh said

We had been to busy talking that we had missed the train conductor yelling till he called for the last call.

"Last call for Ba Sing Se." the train conductor yelled

We got up and boarded the train. I see Jet and his two friends eying us. We sit down next to a family, Iroh is down next the women who is holding a baby.

"What a handsome baby." Iroh said

"Thank you." the woman said

"What's her name?" I asked

"Hope." the woman said

I smiled and turned to look out the window.

"What's wrong?" Zuko asked

"I just miss them." I said

"I'm sorry." Zuko said

"It's okay." I said

"You'll see them again. They always find a way to find you." Zuko said

"It's more like you and them always find a way to meet each other." I said

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