The King of Omashu

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Author's note:

This chapter and the one after it are going to be kind of short, because in the show Zuko doesn't appear in those two episodes.


It has been two days since we left Kyoshi Island. Everything has gone back to normal. Zuko was back to his training, yelling at the crew. I was up on deck sitting next to Iroh as he was having Zuko doing his drills.

"Why don't you come take a break Zuko, drinking some tea." Iroh said

Zuko rolled his eyes but came over and sat down. I bought my tea cup up to my lips.

"Kida why don't you practice your bending with Zuko." Iroh said

"I hope you mean, the ice." I said

"I don't' think he meant the ice." Zuko said

"Then, no. I don't think it is normal for someone who is not the Avatar to have more than one bending ability. So I would like to keep it to myself." I said

"That is understandably. Maybe Zuko can help you with it in private." Iroh said

Iroh looked over the top of his tea cup at Zuko and I who are sitting next to each other.

"I don't mind as long as it doesn't get in the way of capturing the Avatar." Zuko said

I rolled my eyes. Iroh smirked.

"What ever." I said

I got up and left the deck and head towards the room I sharing with Zuko.

"I am not a task that needs to be done." I said

I sat down at the table in the room. I held my hand over the table palm down. I could feel the water particles under my hand freezing. When I moved my hand there was a little animal made of ice. I smiled at it. I moved my hand to the right and the animal took a step to the right. I heard a gasp. I turned around to see Zuko.

"What can I do for you Zuko?" I asked

"You are in my room." Zuko said

"Fine, then I won't be." I said

I waved my hand and the ice animal went back to being a water in the air. I got up and moved to exit the room, but Zuko grabbed my arm and pulled me back.

"You are not going anywhere." Zuko said

He turned and locked the door.

"Why did you leave the deck like that?" Zuko asked

"I just didn't want to be there any more." I said

I moved away from him an sat down on his bed.

"Don't lie to me." Zuko said

"There are a few things in this world that I really hate. One of those things is feeling like a task, or being treated like I'm a burden. Most of all I don't like being treated like I'm not wanted somewhere." I said

Zuko sat down next to me. He didn't say anything. We sat there for a few minutes. I was going to get up but I didn't.

"I'm sorry. The last thing I ever want to do is make someone feel that way, especially making someone feel they are unwanted. My family always made me feel unwanted, the only two people that never did that were my Uncle and my mother. Now only Uncle is left." Zuko said

"I'm different. I don't look like everyone else in the south pole. The last time the fire nation came tot eh south pole, my mother died. I was with when the solider killed her. I was very good with ice by then, but I just stood there when he killed her. I cried and just kept crying. I never told Katara or Sokka this but, my father he blames me for her death. When he was still in the south pole he could hardly look at me, let alone be in the same room as me. Sometimes I blame myself." I said

A single tear fell from my eye, and I felt a hand on my face. I looked up to see Zuko standing in front of me, He wiped the tear away.

"Don't cry. How old were you when your mother died?" Zuko asked

"I was seven." I said

"There was no way a seven year old could go against a fire bender four times their age." Zuko said

I shook my head.

"Why are you being so nice to me?" I asked

"I don't know." Zuko said

I looked up at him, he was looking down at me. We leaned towards each other. We were inches apart. When a knock on the door had us pulling away from each other. Zuko marched over to the door unlocked it and as he opened the door he asked...

"Who is it?" Zuko asked

Once the door was open Zuko's face softened a bit.

"Uncle, I'm sorry." Zuko said

"No it's okay. I just wanted to make sure everything was okay." Iroh said

"Yes, Uncle everything is okay." Zuko said

"Well, then in that case goodnight." Iroh said

With that Iroh turned and left. Zuko once again closed and locked the door. He turned a nd looked at me, we just looked at each other. I was the first to move. I got up off his bed and moved over to where I have been sleeping. Zuko grabbed my hand.

"What do I have to do, to get you to sleep in the bed and not the floor?" Zuko asked

"We've been through this. You are the prince of the Fire Nation. I'm a from the water tribe. You sleep in the bed because you need a good nights sleep to captured Aang, and I sleep on the floor because I'm used the cold." I said

I knew Zuko didn't like my answer but didn't say anything about it. I laid down and quickly fell asleep.

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