The Firebending Master

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Next Day:

I sitting on some steps watching Aang have his first practice with Zuko.

"I know you're nervous, but remember, firebending in it of itself is not something to fear." Zuko said

"Okay. Not something to fear." Aang said

"But if you don't respect it, it'll chew you up and spit you out like an angry komodo rhino." Zuko said

Aang yelps in fear.

"Now show me what you've got. Any amount of fire you can make." Zuko said

Aang inhales nervously and tries to firebend. A small cloud of smoke appears and dissipated in his hand.

"Maybe I need a little more instruction. Perhaps a demonstration?" Aang asked

"Good idea. You might wanna take a couple steps back." Zuko said

Aang walks back, Zuko inhales deeply. Zuko moves to and does a move and lets out a very small flame. Aang applauds and I laugh. Zuko takes a step back.

"What was that? That was the worst firebending I've ever seen." Zuko said

"I thought it was...nice." Aang said

Zuko lets a frustrated sigh and tries firebending again, with all the attempts resulting in a very small flames similar to the first. He looks down at his palms.

"Why is this happening?" Zuko asked

"Maybe it's the altitude." Aang said

"Yeah, could be." Zuko said

Aang moves over and sits down next to me. Zuko attempts firebending, which results in a similar small flame again. He grunts and delivers another small blast. Aang yawns and lies down the pillar.

"Just breathe, and..." Zuko trails off

He delivers another blast with no improvement.

"That one kind of felt hot." Aang said

"Don't patronize me. You know what it's supposed to look like." Zuko yelled

"Sorry, Sifu Hotman." Aang said

Zuko raises his arms to his head, and throws them back down, and shouts in frustration.

"And stop calling me that." Zuko said

Sokka walks towards us eating an apple. Sokka sits down next to me.

"Hey, jerks. Mind if I watch you two jerks do your jerkbending?" Sokka said

"Get out of here." Zuko yells

"Okay, take it easy. I was just kidden' around." Sokka said

He gets up and turns around, laughing as he adjusts his shirt.

"Jerkbending, still got it." Sokka said

Sokka walks away. Zuko drops his head, dejected and moans.

That Night:

We were all sitting around the fire eating. Zuko walks towards us.

"Listen everybody, I've got some pretty bad news. I've lost my stuff." Zuko said

Toph raises both hands into the air.

"Don't look at me, I didn't touch your stuff." Toph said

"I'm talking about my firebending. It's gone." Zuko said

Sokka, Haru, Teo, and The Duke all just look at him. Katara just bursts out laughing, we all turn and look at her. Zuko looks at her with an annoyed expression.

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