The Boiling Rock Part 2

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We quickly get Suki and Zuko back to their cells before we move out to where the prisoners were now lined up.

"Line 'em up for the warden." a guard yells

The warden's back is facing them. There are eight prisoners, Hakoda is at the end of the line. Sokka and I move and push our way through the other guards so we are in the front.

"Welcome to the Boiling Rock. I'm sure you've all heard the horrible rumors about our little island. Well, I just want to tell you that they don't have to be true, as long as you do everything I say." the warden said

The stops in front of Hakoda who looks downward.

"Look me in the eye when I'm talking to you." the warden said

Hakoda averts his gaze.

"No." Hakoda said

"Oh? You'd rather look at my shoes? Then take a look!" the Warden said

He raises his left leg and drags Hakoda by his handcuffs down onto the floor. Hakoda is now kneeling over, his expression is anger. Sokka gasps in horror. I think to myself about time.

"I know exactly who you are, Hakoda of the Water Tribe. So strong-willed But don't worry, we'll get rid of that in time. Now look me in the eye." Warden said

Hakoda reluctantly lifts his head to look the warden in the eye and glares hatefully at him.

"See, isn't that better? (to the others) You will all do as I say or pay the price. You will all-" the warden is cut off

He begins to walk forward only for Hakoda to lift his left handcuff slightly, tripping the warden and causing him to fall flat on the ground. Sokka stifles a chuckle, I roll my eyes. Two guards tun the warden's aid.

"Are you okay, sir?" a guard asked

"I'm fine. Get these prisoners out of my sight." the warden said

He storms away impatiently. The two guards look at each other. They lead the prisoners away and to their room. Sokka and I stayed behind to show that we couldn't care. Once the guards dissipated we left to go find out where they put Hakoda. We found out which cell he was in. We enter his cell. I stay by the door and Sokka approaches him.

"Thank goodness you're okay." Sokka said

Hakoda rises to his feet and extends his right arm out, clenched in a fist, not realizing who we ate.

"If you take one step closer, you'll see just how 'okay' I am." Hakoda said

Sokka lifts his helmet off, as do I.

"Sokka, Kida, my son and daughter. You know Sokka, you should be more careful with that guard outfit on. I almost punched you in the gut." Hakoda said

"Yeah, I ran into that problem earlier." Sokka said

"So that is what happened with Suki." I said

Sokka just glared at me.

"Hurry we shouldn't stay in here to mush longer." I said

They nodded.

"So where's Bato? Where's everyone else from the invasion?" Sokka sked

"The others are being held at a prison near the Fire Nation palace. They singled me out as their leader and sent me here. But before I left, I met some young women who said they knew you. The...Oshinama Fighters?" Hakoda asked

"You mean Kyoshi Warriors?" I said

"That's right." Hakoda said

"Their leader Suki is here and she's gonna escape with us." Sokka said

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