The Beach and The Fire Lord

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This is going to be two chapters in one. This is also going to answer all your questions about Zuko and Mai's relationship.

"How long have you known?" Katara asked

"I don't know. We did it a day or two before Ba Sing Se fell." I said

"So you are at least a few weeks along." Katara said

"Are you mad at me?" I asked

"What of course not. I'm worried, but that's about it. Is that you waited so long, because you scared we would be mad?" Katara asked

"Yes, I was scared that you would hate me. I have clue how I'm going to tell Aang, or Sokka." I said

"What about Toph?" Katara asked

"She knows. She said she could feel the difference. She said that I was weighed more" I said

Katara started laughing.

"It's not funny. I'm going to get huge." I said

"Yes you will. But don't worry we will all be here for you." Katara said

Zuko's Pov:

Ty Lee, Mai, Azula, and I are sitting on a small ferry. I look over the edge to see a large sea lion emerges from the water and the creature is shown to be pulling the boat. Azula is leaning her back against a railing with her arms crossed, and Ty lee, who is looking out in front of us. Mai is sitting next to me.

"I'm so excited to spend the weekend on Ember Island. It's going to be great to hang out on the beach and do nothing." Ty Lee said

"Doing nothing is a waste of time. We're being sent away on a forced vacation. I feel like a child." I said

"Lighten up. So Dad wants to meet with his advisers alone, without anyone else around. Don't take it personally." Azula said

"Doesn't your family have a house on Ember Island?" Ty Lee asked

"We used to come every summer when we were kids." Azula said

"That must have been fun." Ty Lee said

"That was a long time ago." I said

I turn my head and see various houses along the cost of the island shore. We stop at a dock and climb off the dock. Lo and Li are on the dock.

"Welcome to Ember Island, kids." Lo and Li said

I look upwards to see the smallest of the beach house. We all look a little disappointed. We head inside the house.

"It smells like old lady in here." Zuko said

"Gee, I wonder why." Mai said sarcastically

Ty Lee looks at a painting of two young women in yellow bikinis posing bac-to-back. Lo and Li walk towards her.

"Who are these two beautiful women?" Ty Lee asked

"Can't you tell?" Lo asked

Lo and Li stand like the girls in the pictures.

"It's Lo and me." Li said

"It's Li and me." Lo said at the same time.

We all look at them a little disturbed. I cover my mouth with my hand. Ty Lee lies down on a bed that is covered in pink sheets and blankets.

"Ooh, I love the seashell bedspread." Ty Lee said

"Are you serious? It looks like the beach threw up all over it." Mai said

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