The Ember Island Players

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Okay readers this is going to be almost word for word from the episode. If you want to skip that's fine but... you NEED to read the last few paragraphs because they are important.

We had moved decided to move from the island to Ember Island, more importantly the Fire Lord's beach house. I am sitting in the courtyard watching Zuko and Aang practice. They are creating sweeping arcs of fire that dissipate into the ground. They each raise an arm and leg, sending forth streams of fire, before leaning forward and sending forth another stream of fire. They stand upright, assuming a final fighting stance before closing their eyes, relaxing their postures, and taking a deep breath. Toph and Katara come and sit down on either side of me. Zuko and Aang bow to one another, and the latter stretches his arms and walks away.

"Doesn't it seem kind of weird that we're hiding from the Fire Lord in his own house?" Katara asked

"I told you, my father hasn't come here since our family happy. And that was a long time ago. It's the last place anyone would think to look of us." Zuko said

Sokka and Suki walk into the courtyard. Sokka has a piece of rolled up paper in his hand.

"You guys are not gonna believe this. There's a play about us." Sokka said

"We were just in town and we found this poster." Suki said

Sokka then shows us the poster for the play. It depicts all of us.

"What? How is that possible?" Katara asked

"No one know our story but us." I said

"Listen to this. 'The Boy in the Iceberg is a new production from acclaimed playwright Pu-on Tim, who scoured the globe gathering information on the Avatar, from the icy South Pole to the heart of BA Sing Se. His sources include singing nomads, pirates, prisoners of war, and a surprisingly knowledgeable merchant of cabbage..."' Sokka trails off

" 'Brought to you by the critically acclaimed Ember Island Players'." Suki said

"Ugh! My mother used to take us to see them. They butchered Love Amongst the Dragons every year." Zuko said

"Do you really think it's a good idea to attend a play about ourselves?" Katara asked

"Come on, a day at the theater? This is the kind of wacky time-wasting nonsense I've been missing." Sokka said

"If we go we should probably make sure we don't look out of place." I said

"I agree we should probably go back into town and get some..." Suki trails

"Higher born clothes." Toph said

"Yes." Suki said

"Okay lets go." I said

We left the house and headed into town. Toph, Katara, Suki, and I go into one store and the boys go into a different. We all found a dress paid for it and left, we went back to the beach house to change. Then we met the boys outside the house.

"Wow." Zuko said

"Really." Aang said

"You guys look great." Sokka said

"Thanks." I said

We left the beach house and headed to the play house. We arrive and head inside and to one of the upper seats. The bottom row was Aang then Toph then Katara, the row of above them was Suki and Sokka, and Zuko and I were above them.

"Why are we sitting in the nosebleed section? My feet can't see a thing from up here." Toph said

"Don't worry, I'll tell your feet what's happening." Katara said

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