Sozin's Comet Part 1: The Phoenix King

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Zuko's Pov:

"Is Kida pregnant?" I asked

None of them answered me. None of them could look me in the eyes. I moved pass them and hurried my way to the beach house. Once I was inside I headed straight for Kida's room. I knocked on the door. Nothing happened, so I tried the door it was unlocked. I pushed open the door and headed inside. Kida was laying down and looking up at the ceiling I knew she was awake. I walked over and sat on the edge of the bed.

"Kida are you pregnant?" I asked

She didn't answer for a few seconds.

"Yes." she whispered

I flopped back on the bed so I was lying next to her.

"How long?" I asked

"Toph said she felt the change in my body the day Iroh and I went to ask them for help to save you." Kida said

I took me a second to realize that she's been pregnant since Ba Sing Se.

"You've known you were pregnant since Ba Sing Se. You fought in the invasion, you came with Aang and I to the sun warriors. You snuck onto the balloon to the boiling rock." I said

She just looked at me.

"I didn't put myself into anything I couldn't do. I was careful Zuko. I didn't put myself in danger." Kida said

"How long till the baby is here?" I asked

"5 months." Kida said

"So the baby won't be born till after the comet?" I asked

"No the baby should come after it." Kida said

I rolled over and put my hand on her stomach. She put her hand on top of mine. We fell asleep like that.

Next Morning Kida's Pov:

Ever since Zuko found out he hasn't let me out of his sight. He also has had Aang training harder. Right now I am outside watching Aang practice while Zuko watches him. Aang is practicing his firebending punches.

"More ferocious. Imagine striking through your opponent's heart." Zuko said

"That wasn't violent." I said

Aang stops and turns to Zuko.

"I'm trying." Aang said

"Now let me her you roar like a tigerdillo!" Zuko said

Aang gives a light roar as fire bursts come out of his hands and mouth.

"That sounded pathetic. I said roar!" Zuko yelled

Aang roars even louder, as three bursts of fire come out of his hands and mouth. Momo runs and hides behind me in fear. Zuko nods approvingly. Katara walks out of the house holding to watermelon cups.

"Who wants a nice cool glass of watermelon juice?" Katara asked

Aang brightens up upon bearing this.

"Ooh, ooh! Me, me, me." Aang said

He runs over towards Katara s she hands me the other. Zuko reaches out and grabs Aang by the shirt of his robes.

"Hey! Your lesson's not over yet. Get back here." Zuko said

Aang keeps trying to run off, but it is useless because Zuko picks him up so his feet our off the ground.

"Come on, Zuko. Just take a break. What's the big deal?" Suki asked

Zuko lets Aang go.

"Fine." Zuko said

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