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Aurora POV

"No, Becca I don't need a ride home

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"No, Becca I don't need a ride home." I say into the phone for the hundredth time. "It's fine really my cars here." I assure her.

"Ok so are we still on for tomorrow?" She says and I hear shuffling in the background.

"Yeah I'll pick you up and then we'll go watch that movie you mentioned." I say exhaustedly. I've just spent a hour in torture class. Me and Becca exchange our goodbyes and hang up.

So during history class, Mr. Smith who is a very mean teacher gave me after school detention.

One of the barbies threw a crumpled paper at me and I opened it, and it was a drawing of Mr.Smith.......a very ugly and graphic drawing.

So of course he thought it was me and screamed into my ear for five minutes and then gave me detention. I was so mad at Brenda that I wanted to snap her neck right there.

Of course I restrained myself and tried not to stoop to her level. So here I am, walking out of the school and to my car. Which by the way is the only car in the parking lot except for a few teachers.

It's a bit breezy out, but not the cold type. More like the warm and comforting type. I lean against the hood of car and close my eyes. I throw my head back and enjoy the air and silence around me.

My phone rings in my bag and I take it out. I see it's my mom and contemplate not answering, after all she's probably just going to give me an ear full about why I'm late. I push the thought away and press answer.

"Hello?" I can hear sobbing on the other side and immediately stand up straight. "Mom? Mom! What's wrong?" I ask frantically.

My moms usually a very strong women, she's never been one to expose her feelings, let alone cry in front of people. "Baby...its not good." She sobs into the phone. I can hear my dad whisper comforting words to her.

She's a mess. "Dad? Dad what's wrong?!" I shout into the phone.

"Honey it's your grandma. She's been in a accident," he says worried. My heart drops.

"What do you mean an accident? What type of accident?" I ask and feel a couple of tears drop. I already know his answer but I still hold onto the small string of hope. She hasn't been in the best shape lately.

"A drunk driver did a hit and run on her and she passed away on the spot. I'm so sorry honey, come home as soon as you can. Can you get a friend to drop you off?" he asks-concern lacing his voice.

"Um y-yeah I'll s-see." My voice quivers and that moment I break. I drop the phone. It falls to the floor and cracks. Tears blur my vision and I feel like I can't breathe. I put a hand on my chest and lean against the car.

Okay okay, calm down Aurora. Count to ten. "1...2," I mutter to myself and grab a fistful if my hair. "3......4.....5," I shake my head and I feel like my heart stopped beating.

More and more tears fall now and I feel myself sliding to the ground. I didn't expect to get this news now, or anytime soon. Especially not in the parking lot of the school I hate so much.

My heart aches for her and I feel myself losing control, breaking apart.

I haven't seen her in awhile but I remember how we used to laugh and sing together. When we would dance while baking, or when whenever my mom would yell at me, my grandma would yell at her.

I sit against my car and cover my face with my hands. My shoulders shake with heavy sobs and the sun is just setting. I feel like if I drive now then I'll get into a accident myself, and there's no one here to give me a ride.

I'm in no condition to drive myself and I give myself a couple of minutes to get my shit together. Every time I take a deep breath, heavy sobs break out. I can hear footstep walk towards me but I don't look up.

The footsteps stop right in front of me and they aren't moving. I remove my hands from my face and quickly wipe my eyes.

The person crouches down to my sitting position. I look at their face and annoyance creeps up my neck.

It's fucking Aaron Knight.

"What do you want?" I seethe at him. He keeps quiet for a few seconds and just looks over my face. He sighs and sits criss cross applesauce next to me. "What happened to your grandma?" He mutters. And throws a small rock into the distance.

My eyes widen, "How do you know about that?" I demand.

"You were practically screaming so it was kind of hard not to eavesdrop." He says. My face flushed and I look way,

"Oh I'm sorry." I say and feel more tears build up and a sob threatening to break out.

"It's fine," he mutters and shakes his head. "You wanna talk about it?" He mumbles not looking at me. I've noticed that he never looks at the person he's talking to. I stay quiet and just stare off into the distance.

"Why are you being nice to me?"

He just shrugs and continues throwing rocks. "I may be a jerk but I'm not going to leave a crying girl in a empty parking lot alone, especially when it's getting dark." He says quietly. I feel an unknown emotion spark within me when he says this.

"Why are you here? I don't see your car." I ask and try to distract myself

"I parked a couple blocks away, I wanted to walk."

For the next couple of minutes we just sit there in silence, except for my soft crying and sniffling.

"She died in a car accident." I cry softly.

He glances over at me for a split second. "I'm sorry," he says and awkwardly puts his arm on my shoulder in a mean of comfort.

I cry harder and I know I will regret this in the morning but I don't care. I lean into Aaron and he wraps his arms around me.

I can't believe we're hugging.

I put my head on his chest and cry, my tears draining his shirt. "I'm sorry about your shirt, and calling you Satan." I mumble against him but it comes out muffled.

"Also, for saying you have a stick lodged up your ass." I continue on.

He chuckles lightly and it's the first time I've heard him laugh. It's a beautiful sound.

"It's okay." he says back semi-softly.

So here we are, sitting in the school parking lot, Aaron comforting me. And if I'm being completely honest, I like the way his arms feel around me.

And I hate to admit it but I think I might have developed a tiny crush on Aaron Knight.

A tiny, half a millimeter crush that will go away in a few days.

I hope.

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