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"I'm getting so many weird looks," I mumble and try to cover my face with the menu. This is a fancy restaurant and other people are dressed fancy, but not nearly as fancy as what I'm wearing.

Aaron rolls his eyes and sets his menu down. He lays his hands on the table and stares at me intently. I grow uncomfortable under his gaze and open my mouth to tell him to stop but he himself beats me to it.

"You shouldn't care what others think Aurora." He says and takes a sip of his wine. "I don't. It's just that their stares are making me uncomfortable." I mutter and take a sip of my water.

"Is it very uncomfortable?"

I nod and shrink down in my seat when a woman points at me and whispers in her friend's ear.

Probably wondering why I'm here with Aaron Knight. It's not like this is a date.


Aaron snaps his fingers and waiter comes rushing to our table. "Yes, sir? Are you ready to order?" He asks nervously with an uneasy smile.

"No. Your other customers are making my lady friend uncomfortable so if that's going to be a problem then we will leave." Aaron says annoyed.

My eyes widen and I shake my head frantically. "No it's not a pro-" but I'm cut off when the waiter starts apologizing profusely. "Sir I'm very sorry for this inconvenience. I'll take care of it immediately." He rushes off and draws close a curtain in the middle that I didn't even know was there.


Now it was just me and Aaron. I clear my throat and glance at Aaron but he's already staring at me. "Your so awkward Aurora." He says with a small smile, catching me off guard.

"I am aren't I?" I laugh. He nods his head and looks at the menu again. The waiter returns and we order. I get The Bruschetta and Aaron goes for the Focaccia. Now we just wait in silence. Aaron engrossed on something on his phone and check my phone for any messages from my parents.

Nope. None. I decide to just text Becca and see what happened to her and Seth.

Hey Becca. Sorry for ditching you. Where are you and Seth?

I send the text and go on Pinterest. I'm just scrolling through DIYs when Aaron clears his throat. I turn off my phone and look up. "So I have a question." He says nonchalantly.

"Sure. What do you want to ask about?" I smile at him.

"Why'd you switch in the middle of the school year?" His question catches me off guard. I ponder over my answer for a few seconds before answering. "Um...I guess my father just wanted me to be closer to his company."

"Reinhardt Corp?" He asks. My eyebrows shoot up in surprise. How'd he know that? "How do you know that?"

"You're the daughter of Richard Reinhardt Collins. He's friends with Mike Knight." He shrugs.

"Your father?" His eyes narrow a bit when I say father.

"Yes, my father." He looks away and just at that moment our food arrives. My mouth waters at the dish in front of me and I dig in right away. Aaron watches me and mutters under his breath, "Pig." I narrow my eyes at him.

"A sexy pig," I say with a mouth full. Aaron responds by throwing a shrimp straight at my forehead. "Hey! Don't throw food!" I scold him. He chuckles and a grin makes its way to my face.

His laugh is a beautiful sound.

   After we finished dinner we headed to the car

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After we finished dinner we headed to the car. Aaron paid for dinner even though I insisted. But the glare he sent me when I mentioned paying, shut me right up. Now we're walking to his car and I had taken my heels off a while ago. And my stomach feels like it's ready to burst.

"Ugh, I feel like I'm going to have a food baby." I groan and glare at Aaron. "Why'd you feed me so much, Knight?" I accuse him. He gives me a look and sighs.

"You ordered what you wanted Aurora! I didn't feed you anything!" He says calmly and opens the passenger door to his car. I hop in and he goes to the other side and gets in himself. "Your trying to fatten me up!"

"This is the first time I've taken you to dinner."

"Just take me home. I'm tired, I've had a long day." I mutter and rub my eyes. I have a tendency of falling asleep in his car. "As you wish." He mumbles and stars the car. I open my phone and check the time. Shit. It's 11:30.

"Shit." I hurry and text my mom an excuse as to why I'm late after curfew. She'll be extra mad since tomorrow is school.

Hey Mom! Me and Becca got caught up after the ball. On my way right now.

I send the text and sit anxiously. "What's wrong?" Aaron asks quietly.

"I was supposed to be home a while ago." I don't even know why I'm nervous. What's the worst they can do? Ground me?

Aaron laughs at me- not a chuckle but a real hearty laugh. His eyes crinkle at the sides and his whole face lights up.

"You have a curfew?" He asks incredulously, his eyes not straying from the road. I nod and hide my face in embarrassment but a smile makes its way on my face. "But your 18." He glances at me.

"Well, you don't know my parents like I do." I roll my eyes. "The 18-year-old heir of Reinhardt Corp has a curfew." He teases. He seems to be in a much better and playful mood. "Heir? Don't think so." I muse.

"Don't think so? You're next in line." He asks confusedly. "Maybe I don't want to be next in line," I mutter.

"How come?" He pushes further on. I huff annoyedly and begin my rant.

"I don't want to be like my father. Constantly on the phone or at meetings, working late most of the time and coming home all tired. Most of all, not having time for my family. I know that if I take over next then that's exactly how I'll be. But I don't really have a choice either. Unless I run away, which sometimes sounds like a really good idea." I vent and throw my hands up in exasperation, almost hitting Aaron in the head but he ducks in time and grimaces at me. "Sorry," I mutter and look out the window.

After a long pause, he speaks up. "Sometimes I feel like that too. My father.." he trails off as if contemplating whether or not to tell me. "My father, he doesn't care about what I have said. All he cares about is the money I'm making." He mumbles so quietly that almost I don't hear him.

"He never once asked me if this is what I wanted. He just dumped it all on me when I was 16 and believe me, banks full of cash does not make you happy. Not one bit." He mutters and glances at me for a millisecond but I don't miss the certain sadness in his eyes.

I have an overwhelming urge to just hug him right now. I open my mouth to say something but he cuts me off. "Um, we're here. I'll see you later." He mumbles and looks out his window. I look to my side and there my house is staring back at me. I stare at him for a few seconds and decide to just not say anything. I mutter a goodbye and get out his car.

I think I'm getting through to a certain Golden Boy.

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