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Aurora POV

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Aurora POV

I slip out the bathroom and dry my hair. My eyes are still red and puffy.

The guilt from what just happened was to much. I kissed James. I don't even know why! I'm such an idiot, I start panicking and sit down to calm myself. Should I tell Aaron? I feel my head starting to hurt. My phone rings from besides me. The caller ID is unknown. "Hello?"

"I sent it to him. Now he hates you." Brendas voice sneers through the phone. "Brenda? What are talking about?" I sit up and ask in confusion.

"You and James, I saw you two at the parking lot."

I can feel my heart drop to my toes. My eyes widen and my face pales.

"W-what? It was a mistake! I didn't mean to! It just happened!" I shout with wide eyes and look around panicky.

"But you still kissed him. And that doesn't explain why you left with him."

"He apologized and said that Aaron told him to bring me to his apartment but then the said that Aaron cancelled and he dropped me off at my house! Nothing happened!" I rant and bite my nails, on the verge of tears.

"This is pay back, you threaten me with my secrets and I'll expose yours."

I feel tears slide down my cheek and I hastily wipe them. "What was his reaction?" I whisper and grab my keys and bag.

"He was screaming then he threw the phone. Anyways adios, good luck trying to fix this." And she cuts the line. I stare at my phone with blurry vision.

I have to fix this. I have to explain it to him. Im such a bitch.

I rush out the house and hurriedly start the car. Luckily I know where he's staying because of James. I can't even say his name without cringing.

I think I was the last straw to breaking Aaron Knight completely.

I arrive at his apartment and park the car wherever there was space. I try ringing him but them remembered that Brenda said he threw it at a wall.

"Damn it!" I mutter and jog into the lobby. I approach the main desk and the receptionist gives me a pointed look with her pointed and narrow nose. Probably because I look like road kill.

"Um, which floor is Aaron Knight in?" I mumble fidgety. He probably doesn't even want to see me.

"Top floor, but I'll have to ring him first before letting you go." I nod my head and bounce from one hip to another.

She gets off the phone and motions for me to go on up. I rush to the elevator and make my way up to the top floor, penthouse.

The elevator opens and I knock on the door hurriedly. After a few seconds the maid opens it. "Is Aaron Knight in?" I say rushed.

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