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A u r o r a

"Attention students, there will be a mandatory class meeting in the Auditorium after this period." The microphone announced. A round of groans went around, we all know how boring these meetings were.

This period is over in a couple of minutes.

The bell rings and Im the first one out the class and to the auditorium. There's a certain seating process that I heard about, the seniors all sit at the front, juniors behind us, then the last row is sophomores. And the freshman...

Well they stand in a line near us.

They're to scared to even breathe the same air as seniors. I'm not sure what they call the grade system here but I'm sticking to the American way. Freshies, sophomores, juniors, seniors.

I walk in and I see Becca seated in the second row, looking down at her phone next to some other senior girls. I slide in next to her and elbow her softly. "Hey Becs," her head shoots up and a wide smile takes over her face.

"Hey! Do you know what this meeting is about?" She mutters giggling. I give her a confused look but shake my head nonetheless.

"No clue." I whisper as more and more students start piling in. There are five seats in each row. On the other side is seated Brenda in the second row, her eyes meet mine.

She smiles sweetly and sticks her middle finger at me discreetly.

I clap like a proud mother and give her a thumbs up. I even wipe a fake tear just for the show. Knowing I won, she rolls her eyes and turns to the front.

"Dill weed." I mutter proudly and slouch in the chair.

My eyes glance around and they catch a mop of curly brown hair walk through the door.

"Is the first row reserved for the boys?" I whisper to Becca, already knowing the answer.

"Yup." she says popping the 'p.'

The four boys walk in and they walk straight to the first row, ignoring the stares from everyone.

How do they do it?

Aaron's eyes flick to me and my heart starts racing. I wave gently and he passes me a heartwarming smile. They take their seats, Aaron being right in front of me.

He turns around and puts his chin on the the head of the chair, smiling at me. A brown curl falls on his forehead.

"Hey." I say softly.

"Hi." His eyes twinkle. Yesterday after burgers and fries we talked about everything and nothing and then he dropped me off home.

I loved every second of it.

The headmaster soon walks in wearing her usual fake smile and loads of makeup to conceal her dark circles and wrinkled skin.

Aaron and I keep staring at each other until he winks at me playfully and turns around to face the front. I can feel a light blush cover my cheeks.

"Attention students," the whole room went quiet. For a bunch of assholes, they were really well mannered. "today we have a little activity." The headmasters preppy voice spoke.

"It's a kind of bonding activity." My eyebrows furrow in interest, as we've never had one of these before.

"We have freshman passing out index cards and pencils to everyone, I want you to write something. Anything. Something you want to get off your chest. Then you just slip in the box. It'll remain completely anonymous." My eyes look around and there is a small box next to each row.

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