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Sorry for the late update! Again!
Schools been stressing and ^^^^
Instead of him smiling imagine him being......idk mean I guess?

Today's the day. The day of the ball. And let's say I was not the happiest person when Becca came knocking at my door at five in the morning.

The balls starts at 8 at night.

So you could have imagined what my reaction was when Becca pulled up with a huge luggage full of makeup.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" I asked her while rubbing my eyes, still in my pajamas. Becca on the other hand was wearing a grin and dressed as if she was going to the mall.

"Well hello to you to bestie!" She says sarcastically. She pushes me aside and walks in and up the stairs to my room, all while tiptoeing. I mumbled some words that even I didn't know I was saying and followed her. I passed my little brother, Parker's room and saw his little head sticking out the door.

"Parker why aren't you asleep?" I ask softly and crouch to his height.

"I heard your loud footsteps. Don't you know I'm a light sleeper?" He complains quietly. I stare at him for awhile and sigh out loud. "I'm sorry go back to bed I'll be quiet." And just when I say I'll be quiet Becca decides to come look for me.

"Aurora! Come on we don't have all day!" She shouts and her loud voice echoes in the eerily quiet house. I immediately look at her with a panicked look at put my index finger on my lips, not wanting to awake my parents and staff. Her face then morphs into one of complete horror when she realizes she yelled at five in the morning in a house of sleeping people.

I look at my brother and he's giving me an annoyed look. The three of us stand in silence trying to see if anyone has woken up. When I decide we're in the clear I put Parker in his bed and go to my room. When I open the door I see Becca laying on my bed wearing a guilty look.

"I'm sorry Rora." She whispers. I glare at her and plop down on one of my couches. "Why are you here?! We have fifteen hours till the ball!" I whisper/shout.

"Oh....um I wanted watch Teen Wolf?" She says but it came out more of a question with a nervous look when she sees my pissed off face.

I stare at her for a few seconds to see if she was joking and then lean back into the couch. "Fair enough turn on the TV and put it on." Becca squeals excitedly and does as told.


"Becca your taking to long!" I shout and continue banging on the bathroom door. She finally opens it and glares at me in her towel. "I need at least two hours in there!" She whines as I drag her into my room. I showered before her and I'm still in my towel because Becca told me to wait for her so she could start on my make up.

My mom would occasionally step in to see how we're doing.

And I've been sitting bored for and hour and thirty minutes! The whole morning was spent with me and Becca just watching Teen wolf on Netflix and having a lazy morning and at 4Pm was when we started to get ready. Showering alone took two hours so now we are doing make up.

Becca pushes me down on the vanity chair and opens her huge luggage. She starts pulling out makeup brushes and brands, while I stare at her confused. When she's done she tells me to close my eyes and starts putting her chemicals on my face. One thing I'm so grateful for is that I don't have acne.

After the makeup she curls my normally straight hair into curls. She turned me away from the mirror so I couldn't see what I looked like. Saying it's supposed to be a 'surprise.' For all I know I probably looked like Brenda.

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