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"I'm so sorry! I didn't watch where I was going." The person releases me when I'm steady and I finally look up. My heart stops when I'm met with those forest green eyes glaring back at me.

Auroras POV

      His glare intensifies and he opens his mouth to say something but he's cut off suddenly by one of his friends behind him

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His glare intensifies and he opens his mouth to say something but he's cut off suddenly by one of his friends behind him.

"Are you blind or something?" says roughly the boy with light brown hair. He has pretty blue eyes but he's not even the one I bumped into!

"Do I look blind dumbass?" I snap at him. I hear a few gasps go around from small crowd we've gathered. Great. His eyes narrow and he steps forward. He glares at the nosy eyes and they stray from us eventually.

"Look here you bitch you don't get to talk to me like that." He spits with venom. He needs a therapist, maybe even a friend.

He takes another step but the boy next to him wearing glasses holds out his hand and holds him back.

"I'll talk to you however I want to." I scoff at him. Who does he think he is? No one pushes me around like that.

"Who even is she?" He exclaims outraged to his quiet friend with the glasses. The boy opens his mouth but is cut off.

"New girl. Richard Collins sweet little princess." Says the boy from the back suddenly with a thick accent, the one with his arm around that girl.

His wearing a smirk and his girl is too. "How do you know that?" I ask alarmed.

He leans forward and wink at me playfully. "Don't worry about it."

That outraged me even more. What a group of assholes. The boy in need of a therapist growled lightly.

Shit, I just called them assholes out loud.

And he actually growled.

"What the fuck are you? A dog?" I remark sassily. Okay maybe I'm crossing a line but he's the only one getting bothered, I'm kinda enjoying it.

The boy wearing glasses glances at me pleading, silently telling me to back off.

I get the message and figure it's best since it's only my first day.

"Just drop it Daniel, we're gonna be late." Says the boy with glasses quietly. He mumbles something else but I couldn't quite hear.

So I learned his name is Daniel thanks to the glasses boy. "I don't have time for this." Daniel says and stares down at me in disgust.

"Aaron you coming?" He says to the green eyed boy. His names Aaron? That's an attractive name.

No Aurora! I mentally scold myself.

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