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"everything about him was gray,
his hair,
his smoke,
his dreams,"
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"Watcha want Brenda?" I ask in a bored voice. She looks as if she's discovered a secret everyone wants to know. "I heard you and Aaron went on a little date." She states with a grin. "Who said that?" I glare at her.

"A little birdie."

Who keeps telling her all these things?

And why is she so happy?

From the corner of my eye I see Becca take a step forward.

"Yeah they did. It sucks doesn't it? Knowing you can't get the guy you've always wanted." Becca fires at her with narrowed eyes.

My mouth drops open. Is this the same shy girl I met on my first day? I smile like a proud mother and bump shoulders with her. Brenda on the other hand is wearing a tight smile and claps her hands together.

"Well, Becca here has grown quite a backbone hasn't she?" She says sweetly.

Why the fuck can't I deflate her mood?

"Well whether it was a date or not, I have to show you something." She smirks and grabs something out of her bag. Her phone.

"Oh do you want to show me your candy crush level? Cause I'd love to know." I retort sarcastically. I can't say I'm not curious though as to what she wants to show me. She's even keeping me from class. The parking lot is practically empty.

"I wish it was that. Maybe that wouldn't have broken your little heart like this will." She says with a pout. Oh now I'm definitely curious. "What's she talking about?" I lean and whisper to Becca. She just shrugs and has confusion written all over her face.

I furrow my eyebrows when she flips her phone to face me and presses on a video. Two seconds into the video and my face pales.

It's my dad and his secretary.

Making out.

"What the fuck?" I grab the phone to take a closer look. It really is him, they seem to be in his office. Becca gasps quietly from besides me and covers her mouth with her hand. I feel tears prick my eyes and I shut them close. That asshole.

"There's no way." I declare and immediately delete the video. Brenda takes back her phone and laughs in my face.

"I have at least twenty copies bitch." She says proudly. I clench my jaw and close my fists. Dad is cheating on mom? With his secretary? Does mom know? I run a hand through my hair in distress and a tear falls loose but I quickly wipe it away with my sleeve.

I can't believe my dad would do that to our family. How long has it been going on?

Becca squeezes my hand in comfort. "What do you want?" I ask Brenda frostily. If the media gets that video then I can't imagine what'll happen.

"I'm sure you know that if that video gets leaked then it's over for Reinhardt Enterprise. Great headline it would make wouldn't it? 'The Famous Richard Reinhardt Collins has affair with secretary while his kids and wife are at home'." She smirks and leans forward so she's right next to my ear.

"Your never going to talk to Aaron again, and if you do then.." she gestures to her phone. I swear she's fucking obsessed. "He doesn't like you Brenda! He never will. Move on!" I exclaim and throw my hands up in rage. My ears are probably pink. "Mention this to anyone, and I'm pressing send. I don't care." She threatens once more and walks away.

"What are you gonna do?" Becca asks softly. I shrug carelessly. I'm about to suggest that we ditch but then someone walks out the main doors.

Aaron. What do I do? He's obviously going to talk to me if he sees me and Brenda is right there.

Upon seeing Aaron, Brenda sways her hips more and walks up to him slowly. I watch with interest and lean against my car. Brenda says something to him but Aaron's eyes land on me. He blandly ignores Brenda and instead walks up to me.

"Hey." He lazily smiles and puts his arm next to me on the hood of my car. My eyes trail down to his lips and I subconsciously lick mine. "Hi." I whisper and look behind him at Brenda, who looks outraged. She holds her phone up and points at it.

I quickly stand up straight and clear my throat. Shit, hurry Aurora, think of something. A light bulb goes on. "Bingo." I mutter to myself and quickly put on a straight face. "Aaron leave me alone. Don't contact me anymore." I say loud enough for Brenda to hear. Her frown almost immediately turns upside down and she walks away happy.

He looks confused and opens his mouth to say something, "What? Did I do something-," but I hold up my hand. "Don't." I shove him and he barely stumbles back but enough for me to drive away. I walk to my car door and yank it open. I secretly wink at Becca and she visibly relaxes.

I throw my stuff in the back seat and start the car. Aaron walks over to my door and knocks on the window rapidly. I ponder over if I should roll it down or not but then I hear his voice.

"Aurora roll down the damn window." He orders in an irritated husky voice. I almost immediately do so. "What the hell is going on? If you don't like me then why did you kiss me back yesterday?" He asks angrily.

"No, I do like you, I just needed Brenda to leave." I explain. "Why-,"

"Shhh her minions might be around here-,"


"-so meet me at the lake behind the school." I reply in one breath. He looks at me blankly. "Aurora," He starts slowly. "Are you supposed to be in a mental asylum but you somehow broke out?"

"What? No!"

"Cause if your on the loose I can help you." He says seriously. I stare at him for a few seconds and search his eyes to see if he's joking. He unexpectedly lets out a hearty laugh and I find myself joining in. "Just meet me at the lake."

"Okay, you beast." He teases cutely.

"A sexy beast." I play along. That's the same thing he said when we were at that restaurant after the ball and that's the same thing I replied when he threw a shrimp at my forehead.

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