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Both his hands go to my waist and I wrap my arms around his neck. We slowly sway with the music- all while keeping eye contact. His divine scent was making it hard to focus. The silence was getting to much to bear and I squirmed under his intense gaze. "Why'd you ask me to dance?" I blurted.

"You looked rather lonely with your strawberry." He mumbles. Not even trying to keep a conversation.

I turned at deep red at his words and cursed myself for being always putting food first. I decide to change the subject to conceal my embarrassment.

"So why do you look like you'd rather die than be here?" I ask casually.

He rolls his eyes at me and I've never seen a hotter eye roll. "I don't see the point in these." He says in his deep voice.

"Why? The ball is held for you and your friends."

"That's the thing." He sighs. "They put more attention on us then we need." He explains. I nod slowly. I mean it did make sense. "I get it. Getting stared at and whispered about everyday is not something I'd like."

"The whole school has seen you dance with me. I'm pretty sure you'll get talked about at the academy." He says slightly frustrated. My eyes widen and just as I'm about to question him he lets me go. The song has ended and I remove my arms from his neck.

"Um thanks for the dance." I mutter and see a few eyes- no, more then a few eyes on me. He simply nods at me, completely ignoring the fact that these people were like paparazzi. He turns around and walks back to his friends, who were watching our exchange. And Daniel was just scowling at me. I guess he's not over what happened on my first day yet.

I approach Becca who's wearing the same look I was when she was dancing with Seth. "Hm you guys were getting cozy." She comments with a smirk and hands me a glass of champagne. And I happily down it all. My mind registers what she said and my mouth drops open and I glare at her.

"No we weren't!"

"Yes you were!"



"So did you kiss Seth?"


Almost immediately her face turns tomato red and she mumbles curses at me. "No we didn't." She mutters and doesn't meet my eye. She's being fidgety......

"Oh my god! You totally did!" I shout with wide eyes and a grin. "Shhhhh!" She says frantically and looks around.

"Tell me everything" I say a little quieter with an excited smile.

"Ugh! Can you wait till after the ball?" She pleads. I hesitate a few moments before nodding. I was gonna ask her to try the strawberri-

"Why were you dancing with Aaron?" Says a bitchy voice. I turn around and am met with the face of Brenda. She's wearing a long body-con black mermaid dress and she looks really stunning. But the scowl she was giving me made me return my compliment.

"Excuse me?"

"Why were you dancing with Aaron?" She says with disgust. "Cause he asked me to dance?" I retort.

"Well next time say no. You don't deserve to even breathe the same air as him." She sneers. I narrow my eyes at her and realize we've gathered a crowd. "What the fuck is wrong with you? I decide who I want to dance with" I say and step closer, daring her to tell me otherwise.

Like I said before, I'm not gonna let these people push me around.

"You whore! You can't talk to me like that!" She called me a whore? "You call me a whore? Your legs are open 24/7!" I fumed and clenched my fists.

Her eyes were blazing and she opened her mouth and boy I bet she regrets it.

"No wonder your grandmother died, she couldn't stand the sight of you." She says smugly and gasps are heard all around and Becca grips my hand.

But it's to late. At this point I'm seeing red and my minds going haywire. Tears prick my eyes but I blink them away. I laugh at her attempt to bother me and clench my fists, then I did it.

I punched Brenda Lae.

A crack is heard throughout the entire dining hall and gasps are heard once again. Brenda stumbles back and shrieks loudly while she cradles her broken nose. Becca pats my back and claps softly so only I can hear. "You-you broke my nose!" She yells and bloods drips onto her dress.

Serves you right for getting my grandmother involved.

I smirk in satisfaction and step forward to grab her hair and slap her. But before I can do that a pair of strong arms grab my waist and pull me into a hard chest. "Not here, not now." A husky voice whispers into my ear. I look up and meet the eyes of Aaron and I feel a string of pride flash within me when I see amusement swimming in his eyes.

I didn't notice all the phones that were taken out and recording what had happened.

He grabs my hand and starts dragging me towards the exit, where his friends are waiting for him. And I let him take me away because I don't know what I would've done if I stayed.

I look at Becca and see she's wearing a huge smile. She gives me a thumbs up and I return the gesture. I look at Brenda and see her mouth is wide open and a look of disbelief is on her face as she watches Aaron take me home and not help her.

"Oh Brenda, you got a little something on your chin." And I motion to the blood dripping down her chin.

I turn around feeling giddy and proud of myself. Aaron grips my hand tighter when we get outside and we keep our heads low. I try to ignore the tingles I get when he touches me. Daniel, James, and Seth all get in their own cars- except Becca forgot to tell me that Seth was giving her a ride home.

I totally ship it.

Aaron opens the passenger door to his Bugatti and I get in, making sure to not get my dress stuck. He closes the door and gets in himself. He puts in the key and the engine roars to life.

I know I'm gonna regret punching Brenda when words gets to my parents tomorrow.

He drives off and doesn't say a single word to me. I can't help but think he's mad at me. His hands grip the steering wheel so hard that they turn white and he continues clench and unclench his jaw.

Not gonna lie, he looks hot doing that. At this point I've accepted my feeling for Aaron. It's nothing big, just a tiny crush.

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