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Hiiii people!! I'm so sorry for the late update. I'll try more I promise. I really want this book to work out. Enjoy!

"Becca!" I whine childishly as she continues to poke my eyebrow.
"Hush! You have a few stray hairs!" She exclaims like its the biggest sin ever.

I grouchily cross my arms and let her finish her torture. "Alright, I'm done!" she steps back and examines my face. She nods in satisfaction and puts her facial tools away.

Today is Saturday and Aaron should be here any minute to pick me up. He's just gonna drop me off school so I can get my car and drive back. I would've called and told him not to bother or that Becca can drive me, but I was actually looking forward to seeing him.

Gosh I sound like a thirteen year old in love with her six year crush.

Becca came over and insisted that she fix me up before Aaron gets here and then we're going to get our nails done. I snap out my thoughts when I hear a horn outside. I look out my window and see it's Aaron's Black Bugatti. I've come to notice that he has a lot of cars. Seeing how he drives a new one to school everyday.

"Oh my your true love is here!" Becca says excitedly. I roll my eyes at her and exit my room. I walk out the house dressed in a vintage skirt and a over sized sweatshirt. My parents aren't home and my little brother is at a sleep over. I make sure to the lock the door and exit the house.

When Aaron sees me he opens the passenger door from inside and I slide in. He's dressed in dark fitted jeans, a regular black tee and tops the look off with some expensive looking shades. His hair is in its usual messy bouncy curls.

He looks hot.

I feel his eyes wander over me and I self consciously pull my skirt down a little. "Hey." He says softly and moves his eyes to in front of him and drives off. "Hi there." I say with a soft smile.

He nods his head and his phone rings in his pocket. He fishes out his phone and his face goes hard at name displayed on the phone. For a second I want to be nosy and try to see who called but I keep to myself. He answers and talks quietly so I can't hear.

He seems really pissed. "Fine Ill do it." He spits harshly. Who called? Why is he so mad?

"What's wrong?" I ask after finally growing some balls. He runs a hand through his hair and takes a deep breath.

"Hey you don't mind if we take a quick detour right?" He asks glancing over at me. I shake my head. "No it's fine. It's enough your even driving me."

He nods his head and stares at the road in front of him. I've also come to notice that he really doesn't talk much. I've seen him talk with his friends in shushed voices and he doesn't talk to anyone except the other Golden Boys.

Suddenly a thought occurs to me. Is he going to the ball? Of course he his! It's being thrown for him!

"How are you holding up?" He asks softly. My mood immediately dampens with the mention of my Grandma and he seems to notice.

"I mean you don't have to talk about it. I was just trying to see if your okay." He asks quickly and looks over at me with sad eyes. "No I'm fine. Thank you." I say sincerely.

He probably didn't want another crying session. I remind myself. We pull into a preschool and Aaron gets out the car.

"You can come if you want." He said probably sensing my hesitation. Who's he gonna pick up here?

I hop out and follow Aaron. A little boy comes running and stops right in front of Aaron. He looks about four or five and is the spitting image of Aaron. With curly dark hair and dark green eyes, he must be Aarons brother.

"Ronny!" The little boys exclaims and Aaron crouches to his height and they do a little weird-but cute handshake.

I'm just standing there like a idiot. I can really see the boy stealing hearts in a few years time. It's not school really, more like a Saturday babysitting thing.

"Hey buddy. How was school?" Aaron asks with a full blown smile. The air is knocked out of me at how beautiful he looks. Why was he so angry that he had to pick the boy up from school?

"It was okay I guesh. I tried to give Mary a kish on her cheeks but she said I have cooties." The boy said sadly looking down. "I don't have cooties right?"

Aaron laughs lightly and shakes his head. He leans in and whispers, "Girls are confusing. Let's go home huh?" The boy nods rapidly and skips to the car.

We walk back as well. "He's really cute." I say adoringly. Aaron nods his head, agreeing.

"Yeah, he's a bubbly kid. His names Ray." he says with a smile. We get to car and hop in. Just then Ray notices me and frowns.

"Um Ronny? I think there's a stranger in the car." Ray whispers not so quietly. Aaron looks at Ray confusedly and then at me.

"Oh that's not a stranger bud. That's Aurora," Aaron clarifies. "Hi Aurora." Ray says enthusiastically. I laugh lightly at his cuteness.

"Hi Ray! I really like your book bag." I say with a smile. It was a sponge-bob bag with jelly fish all over. Ray gasps. "Me too!" He exclaims.

Ray leans over to his brothers ear and whispers again not so quietly.

"She's really pretty Ronny." I turn slightly pink at Rays compliment but keeps my eyes out the window and Aaron whispers something back that I can't hear.


Ray sits back on the seat and shuts his lips together like he's trying super hard not to say something. After a little while Ray throws his hands in the air. "I can't do it! Aaron said he thinks your pretty too." Ray says dramatically and wears a guilty look.

"Ray! I told you not to say it." Aaron says accusing and his cheeks turn a slight pink.

Oh my god.

I feel my heart flutter and it feels like the butterflies in my stomach are having a party. He thinks I'm pretty.

"I'm sorry! You know I can't keep secrets."

"It's fine but try harder next time alright." Aaron mutters. Aaron acts so differently out of school and I really like this side of him better.

The rest of the car ride is me and Ray making fun of Aaron for calling me pretty and laughter fills the air all the way home.

Well the laughed of mostly me and Ray. Aaron isn't much chatty. He's kinda dead on the inside.

Awwww! WATTPAD makes me feel so lonely.

Andddddddd thank you!!!! Lovelies.

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