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Aaron POV

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Aaron POV

I hope you die now.

I grab the counter and shut my eyes feeling my brain go woozy.

My phone buzzes from beside me and I pick it up, although I can't see shit.

It's a message.

From Brenda Lae.

"What the fuck?" I hear myself whisper. Why would she text me? I open the message that's actually a picture message.

'Now you've seen Aurora for what she really is.'

My eyes trail down to the picture. I can't believe my eyes.

It's Aurora. And James. Outside of school.

Lip locking feverishly.

"No.." I choke up in a whisper. I check the picture again to make sure it's Aurora, but it's her. I can feel my eyes fire up in blaze.

But before I can do anything, Brenda calls me. "What?" I growl and run my hand through my hair in frustration. "Did you see it." She says in sly voice.

"When the fuck did that happen?" My vision is blurring.

"Today after school. One of my minions took it. Apparently they left together too. Huh, she's the whore after all."

"Where are they?"

"Don't bother going after them. It's not like your dating her. So you can't do anything." She says in a mocking tone.

I fist my hands and clench my jaw tightly.

"After all, she never wanted you. It was to get closer to James."

"Fucking bitch!" I yell and throw the phone across the room.

It hits the wall and breaks into pieces.

She never wanted me. No one does. But James? How could he-

Just jump out the window.

"Stop..," I hear myself mutter, I rub my temples softly to relieve the pain in my head.

Just open the window and jump, it'll all be over.

"I said, shut the hell up!" I yell and grab my hair, pulling it painfully. But I couldn't feel anything.

I wish I did.

"Shut up!" I keep shouting over and over again. I lean against the wall and feel myself sliding down. I take my head in my hands and breathe heavily.

"Sir? Are you alright?"

I look up at Macy's blurry frightened figure. She's shaking slightly. I nod forcefully, "Yeah, get out." I string out painfully.

"Are you sure? I can call someone." She asks in a whisper.

"No." I spit out. No one will care. "Just get out." She hesitates by the door with a worried look but leaves anyways.

Your right, no one will care. Because your worthless.

"Please, be quiet." I whisper pathetically.

Why don't you go to the roof? It's quite up there. I'll leave you alone.

I stand up and feel myself tumbling over, I grab onto the the bed frame and walk over to my liquor drawer. Yanking it open, I pull out whichever I grab first.

It'll make me forget, even for awhile.

And I make my way to the roof.

"Whatever it takes to make you quiet." I remind myself and walk out the door, but it's quite a struggle considering I can't even see clearly.

I pass Macy in the kitchen but she stops me. "Are you going to one of the boys houses?" She asks hopefully.

"No. I'll be on the rooftop." I reply shortly and don't quite miss the horrified look on poor Macy's face.

"Sir, you don't plan on.." She trails off shakily. I stare at her for a few moments and burst out laughing, painfully at that.

"What? Jump off? Kill myself?" I ask incredulously with crazy eyes.

I wish.

"Don't be ridiculous," I scold with a tight smile. "I just need a cigar."

I brush past her and slowly climb the stairs. But before completely going out of view I turn to Macy.

"Don't call anyone." I warn.

She slowly nods and gulps, fidgeting her hands. I walk up the stairs with the bottle in my hand and I carelessly tick it open. I bring the bottle to my lips and god knows how much I've drunk.

I open the roof door hatchet and step out into the hot air.

I take another big sip and wobble towards the railing. I rest my elbows on it lazily and take another sip.

Good boy.

I lay my head down on my crossed arms and feel myself crumbling down, quite literally.

Stop crying.

What a crying bitch.

Weak bastard.

I sniff quietly and shut my eyes tightly. He's right.

"You said you'd leave me alone." I whisper hoarsely. I try to stop the tears but they keep coming.

I pick my head up and take another sip. I stare up at the sky and I've never had a stronger urge to fly up.

You can't.

You won't.

I won't. I have Ray to live for. And the boys. And my mom.

But not that bitch.

"I-I think I l-loved her." I hear myself whisper drunkenly at the sky with closed eyes.

I won't jump.

But the longer I stare up at the sky, the more I start to question that.

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