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"My thoughts were destroying me,
I tried not to think,
But the silence was a
Killer too."
Aaron's POV

I lean against my car in the dark and bring the cigar to my lips, taking a long drag. The only light illuminated in the dark is my car lights, no other light can be seen for miles. I don't even know where I am. I just drove until I found a spot quiet and empty enough.

There could be a serial killer around here somewhere but I just didn't have the energy to care. It's currently 10:36 pm and I'm completely and utterly unfamiliar with the word sleep. I rub my tired eyes and lean my head back, enjoying the cool breeze around me.

I desperately needed to get away from everything. After I had told Aurora about the abuse, I had gotten into my car and drove away at unbelievable speed.

I don't know what even told me to tell her. The only people who know are the boys. I blow out the smoke and close my eyes, enjoying the feeling of pure bliss. The feeling where I have nothing to worry about.

I had told Aurora that feelings were for the weak. I was lying. I just didn't want her to see how attached I was to her. I want to be the guy for Aurora so bad, I want to be the one who makes happy.

The truth is that I can't be that guy. I don't deserve Aurora. Most importantly, I don't want Aurora to get attached to me. I don't want Aurora to get used to me and then one day I'm just not there. Because I sure as hell won't be here for that long. I can't do that to Aurora.

Just as I'm about to take another drag my phone rings. I consider ignoring it but then my conscience tells me it could be important. I take out my phone from my sweater pocket and read the caller ID. It's Ray.

My heart beat increases and I throw the cigar to the ground, accepting the call immediately. I had bought Ray a phone and told him to call me if Mike (Their father) ever laid a hand on him or if there was something wrong.

"Ray?" I ask as soon as I hear his breathless voice. "Ronny? Daddy's home and he's very angry." He whispers into the phone, fears evident in his voice. My whole body goes tense.

"Okay pal, where are you?" I ask shakily, already in my car and starting the engine. Mikes probably drunk off his ass.

"I ran to my closet and shut the door." He whispers. "Okay, Ray listen to me. Count to 30 and Ronny will be there. Don't make a sound, he won't hurt you bud." I say softly and drive off nearly 80 miles per hour, but I didn't care. Getting to Ray was my number 1 priority. I put the phone on speaker and hold it in my free hand.

"Come quick Ronny." He whispers as he cries softly. My heart breaks into a two pieces as I hear my little brother cry because he's scared his dad will hit him.

"Hey, hey, how about we get some of your favorite ice cream when I come to get you okay?" I try desperately to distract him. I hear my father yelling in the back round and stuff crashing to the floor.

I push my foot down harder on the accelerator and grip the steering tighter until my knuckles turned white.

Ray whimpers and cries harder. "Can-n we get chocolate wit-th sprinkles?" He asks and sniffles.

"Of course. I'll buy you the whole store so you can put it in your room and eat it whenever you like." I joke around hoping to get him to laugh. I'm almost there.

To my luck, he giggles quietly. "You can't do that Ronny! My rooms too small." He says in 'duh' tone.

"Then I'll buy you a castle, and me and you will live there together okay?" I whisper and almost cry out in relief when I see my fathers mansion coming into view. I hear Mike calling out for Ray in the background and Ray starts crying again.

"Only me and you?" He asks. "Only you and me buddy," I assure him. I pull in the parking lot and run out of the car to the house, taking the keys out of my pocket in a rush.

"Can Rory live with us?" He asks hopefully. I furrow my eyes in confusion to who 'Rory' is but then I connect the dots and figure out that he's talking about Aurora.

Dammit, that girl is everywhere I go.

"Um sure," I reply awkwardly and hurriedly throw open the door. "Okay, Ray I'm here, stay in your room," I say and cut the line. I sprint up the stairs where I hear Mike throwing stuff. I glance to my right and see the maids huddled in the kitchen corner with wide eyes.

I disregard them and start looking for Ray. I approach his door and just as about to open it I hear his voice behind me.

"What the hell are you doing here?" He sneers and wobbles on his feet while holding a beer can. His eyes are nearly black and he's grown a slight beard. He looks like hell.

"Rays going to spend the night at my house." I snap icily and guard the door.

"Oh, so the little bitch is hiding in there? I was calling him for ages." He growls and glares at the door. He takes a step forward but I push him back, him nearly falling in the process.

"Why were you calling him? So you can hit him again?" I spat angrily and take a step forward, clenching my fists. He takes a step back and simply smirks.

"Beat him black and blue? Hm, it was on my To-Do list for today." He says drunkenly. I clench my jaw and refrain my self from punching him and doing something I'll regret.

"He's only 7! Your such a sick bastard. Who abuses a seven-year-old child like that?" I shout and shove him with blazing eyes.

"You know that if I tell the media then it's over for you." I threaten and shove him harder. "And you know that if you do that then it's over for you, your brother and your useless mother." He spits back with equal anger.

I don't say anything back because I know he's right. He has the power to ruin our lives in a snap of a finger. The only person more powerful then Aaron Knight is a bastard named Mike Knight.

"Just let Ray live with me. You'll never see him again. And I won't complain ever again. I'll do whatever you want." I try to compromise with clenched teeth and attempt to keep my anger at bay.

He steps closer until he's right next to my ear. He whispers harshly, "You love that boy and my mission is to ruin everything you love."

"Yeah well guess what?" I reply back calmly. "I'm not going to fucking let you." I shove him hard and he stumbles back, falling to the ground and knocking out. He won't remember any of this in the morning anyway. He's really fucking drunk.

I open Ray's door and jogged to the closet. I heard a little shuffling inside so I crouched down and leaned my head against the door. "Ray?"

"Ronny!" Ray suddenly burst out the door and tackles me to the ground, hugging me tightly. "Awe I missed you," I mutter into his hair. "Can we get ice cream now?" He questions getting straight to the point.

I chuckle softly and pick him up in my arms. "Let's go get the gold!" I say in a pirate voice and ruffle his hair. We leave the room and I step over Mikes knocked out body. I shake my head disgustedly at this sad excuse of a father and jog downstairs with Ray in my arms.

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