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Well, this week has been busy. Sorry for late update!

"Thank you for the ride." I say sincerely.

He nods his head. "No problem." I back away from the car and give him a little wave.

I watch as Aaron drives off into the dark and I make my way up the stairs of my house. After our little "moment" in the parking lot, Aaron offered to drop me off home and pick me up and drive me back tomorrow to get my car since I left it there. And after I got my head clear and realized that I bawled my eyes out while hugging Aaron Knight was enough to make me blush furiously during the ride.

Thankfully he didn't make any comments of any such and I'm really glad that he was so nice and caring. Although I'm still a bit emotional, I've stopped my sobbing. I feel terrible for not being there for my mom. I put my key in and open the door. The house is eerily quiet and the close of the door broke that silence.


Nothing, I hear some movement in the lounge room and there I see my parents fast asleep. There's a empty wine bottle on the table and their loud snores fill the room. I sigh and start up the stairs to my room. I open my door and dive head first into my bed. I take out my phone and call the only person who can make me feel better at the moment.


Mason is my cousin and he lives with my grandmother. Well he used to. He's about two or three years older than me and he lives in Los Angels. I dial his number and he picks up on the second ring.

"Hello?" I ask softly.

"Rora? I'm guessing you heard the news." his voice was croaky.

"Yeah.. are you okay?"

"Hm I could've been better but yeah I guess I'm holding up." He chuckles.

"When's the funeral?" I mumble out and a few stray tears slide down my cheek.

"It's in a week but I understand if you can't come. Your probably busy with your new school and all."

I shake my head even though he can't see. "No way I'm not missing it." I say firmly.

"How's your mom?" He sighs.

"She's knocked out in the living room with a empty bottle of wine" I say depressingly.

"Yikes you should get your mind off things, I can't imagine how things must have been for you these past days."

He's so caring, he's like the older brother I always wanted but never had.

"Yeah your right, Ill call tomorrow."

We say our goodbyes and hang up. I look at the time and see it's only 7;30. I feel so lonely at the moment that I don't know what to do with myself. I decide that it's best to text Becca and see if she's still up for that shopping offer.

Hey Bec, wanna go to the mall?

Not even two minutes later my phone lights up with a text from her.

Of course! I've been dying to have some girl time!

Great. Pick me up in half an hour?


I pull my self out of bed and try to make myself look human. I open my closet and rummage for an outfit. I finally decide on black skinny jeans and a wool crop sweater and topped the look with my lovely yellow vans. I smile to myself, satisfied with my choice.

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