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Aaron POV

"Yeah, I'm almost there," I say into my phone and keep my eyes on the road. I'm holding the phone with one hand and my other grips the steering wheel. "Alright, hurry up man, class starts soon," I say goodbye to Seth and cut the call.

I have to leave at six to go to Paris for that meeting, classes end at 2:30 so I'd rather be here with the boys, then at home alone.

My eyes glance to the rear view mirror and I see that my eye bags have gotten darker and my skin paler. I barely get any sleep and I look like completely shit. I take a deep breath and rub my forehead, trying to soothe the pain.

I drive to the academy in silence and when I arrive I see the boys already standing at the entrance waiting for me. I immediately noticed that they are all wearing those silly wristbands that James gifted to all of us for Christmas.

It was kind of hard not to notice, they were bright yellow. It was meant as a joke but we never took it off. I subconsciously look down to my wristband and smile to myself at how childlike James is.

I park my Range Rover into the parking spot and hop out. I can already feel eyes on me. As I'm walking to the front door I see Aurora and Becca leaned against their cars and chatting.

I probably stared at her a second too long because her eyes lock with mine and I give her a slight nod and turn away. It seemed wrong to just ignore her when she did nothing wrong.

But little does she know I gave her a sneak peek to the most vulnerable part of my heart, and that's something I could never take back.

I approach the boys and James is wearing a look, the look.

"I totally saw you ogling Aurora." He says with a smirk. I roll my eyes but don't comment. There was no point, they know me so well.

My first class is Math and luckily it's with Daniel. We bid each other goodbye then Daniel and I start our way towards Mr.Clairs class. And of course, eyes follow us the whole way.

"Did you eat yet?" Daniel mutters.

"Nope, but I'm not hungry."

"Bullshit." Daniel rummages in his pocket and tosses me a granola bar. I scoff and take a huge bite out of it nonetheless.

"Thanks, Mom," I said sarcastically with a mouthful just to annoy him. Daniels the mom of the group, no joke. But he's the one I connect to slightly more than the others.

"You ungrateful bastard." Daniel chuckles and takes a bite of his own.

"Stop, your making me blush." I deadpan.

He laughs again and we enter the classroom. We take our usual seats in the back of the class, away from everyone.

The class is already full of students and when we enter the whole room goes quiet. A scowl immediately takes over my face and I take out my phone to keep me company, hoping for this class to go by fast.


After Math class is Science and then English, which is where we're going now. I also share the English class with Daniel, and it's the last class before lunch. Me and Daniel are the last students to enter and we go to our black seats.

Soon the teacher starts the lesson and throughout half the class my phone starts to ring. The caller ID shows Mike Knight. Why the hell is he calling? He never calls during class hours. I hesitantly answer the call and my dad's gruff voice fills my ear.

"The meetings been moved up a few hours, I need you on that jet now." He demands. No introductions. Not even a hello.

"But father I'm in the middle of class," I whisper through gritted teeth. He can't possibly be serious right now.

"I don't care!" His voice boomed and I winced slightly at the loud noise. I glanced at Daniel and he's giving me eyes of sympathy.

"You don't need school. You're already making so much money! Get on the plane right now." His voice sneers.

The whole class is oblivious to the obvious war that was about to break out.

"Fine," I growl and cut the line. I abruptly stand up and my chair scrapes back loudly, catching the attention of the entire class.

I slam open the door and walk out the room without saying a single word to anyone and the teacher does not try to stop me. As if he'd even dare to stop me.

My hands are shaking with rage. I can't even have a normal education because of my father.

I hate that man so much, I can't stress it enough. The only reason I'm not leaving the entire company is because of my mom. She'd be heartbroken but she's been brainwashed into thinking that she's living some fairytale with my sick father. But that's a story for another time.

I walk out the classroom and I hear footsteps behind me. "Dude wait! What happened?" Daniel shouts. The hallways are empty, luckily. I pass a classroom that has their door open and I spot Seth in the front.

His eyes snap to mine and concern takes over his eyes. I don't bother stopping and keep walking. "My fucking father happened." I spat to no one in particular.

Daniel jogs up to me and I run my hand through my hair and feel a migraine coming on. The stress has obviously been taking a toll on me.

Auroras POV

I can't wait for this class to be over. I've fallen asleep about four times now, something about Mrs.Bandalouve is just so boring. Becca next to me is snoring behind her textbook and Seth glances over a couple times not-so-secretly.

Also, after punching Brenda I got an earful from my parents. Especially my dad since the headline of the local newspaper was 'Daughter of Richard Collins goes off on Brenda Lae.'

Luckily the school couldn't had done anything, like kick me out. My father made sure of it. And to say I was the hot topic of today was an understatement.

I'm about to doze off again when loud footsteps perk my attention. Our class door is wide open luckily and Aaron is storming down the hallway with Daniel by his side looking lost.

Aaron looks ready to kill. Who fired up Satan?

I look over at Seth and see him chewing his lip nervously. A few seconds later Seth stands up abruptly. "I'm sorry I've got to leave." Seth apologizes politely to the teacher, he then rushes out of the room but closes the door behind him so no one is able to eavesdrop.

I'm suddenly filled with concern and my heart is telling me to go check on Aaron. But my mind is telling me that he has Daniel and Seth.

"May I please use the restroom?" I ask with a raised hand. The teacher stares at me and then says, "No."

"I'm going to pee in like 5 seconds." I threaten. She looks horrified. "Be back in three minutes!" She says firmly. I immediately get up and walk out the door.

I see them at the end of the hallway talking in whispers. Daniel and Seth have looks of concern on their faces and Aaron's fists are clenched at his sides and he just looks so....lost. After his mini-rant last night, I feel like I can relate to him so much now. I consider going back into the classroom but I find myself inching closer to Aaron.

His eyes find mine and he takes in a sharp breath. But when I saw the other person standing there, my jaw dropped open.

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