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"Live your life fool,
Life is short."

By my favorite



"Aurora? Your father wants to talk to you." My mother calls from outside my door. I cross my arms and grit my teeth. "Tell him I don't feel well, my stomach hurts severely." I lie.

"He said he wants to talk no matter what. Two minutes tops." She tries to compromise.

"Stupid parents, stupid school, stupid boy," I mutter to myself quietly and throw the covers off my body. I yank open my door and give my mom a mean glare. "I'm sorry honey, I know you don't want this." She rubs my back.

"Whatever, two minutes."

I walk downstairs and jog towards my father's study. I raise my fist and am about to knock, but then remembered that I don't owe this bastard my respect. I throw open the door and launch myself onto the couch.

"Aurora," He says in a stern voice. "I told you to knock."

I look behind me, at the door. I see my mom leaned against it. "Mom? Can I talk to dad privately?" She looks between us two hesitantly and nods, as if she was scared we'd shoot each other. She leaves and closes the door behind her.

I rest my elbows on the desk and lean forward. "What'd you want to talk about?" I give him a tight smile.

"Well," He starts and I already am dreading this conversation. "I'm getting old and I need someone to take over the company one day. Our company is at its highest right now, we're a close second right after Golden Corp," his face turns bitter when mentioning Golden Corp, Aaron's business.

"So I think, we should start your training as soon as possible-,"

"Golden Corp? Aaron Knights Corporation?" I interrupt and ask in interest. Did my father dislike the Knights?

He clenches his teeth and my rudeness but decides to disregard it. "Yes him, they were always number one. And we were always number two. That why I need you." He responds mischievously. I lean forward in interest and furrow my eyebrows.

"You're going to take Aaron Knights crown."

I smile and lilt in disbelief as I learned a new piece of information. Huh, my father hated the Knights. It made sense. He had everything except for what he wanted the most. The throne.

Where Aaron Knight sits, head held high.

And my father wants to be the one sitting there. I mentally laugh, Aaron's never going to let that happen. I need to go to the office, I need to start training. I'm going to do exactly the opposite of what my father desires for me to do.

"Aurora? Are you even listening?" He shakes my arm annoyedly. I snap out of my daze and raise my eyebrows. "Huh?"

"I said, we're going to the office tomorrow for your training." He says and takes out his phone, typing away.

"Who are you texting?" I ask bittersweetly.

"No one." He dismisses my tone.

"Is it your secretary? I know how much you guys love lip locking." I spit harshly and stand up abruptly. He almost drops the phone and looks at me in shock.

"What-t?" He stutters. "Oh I know, I know everything." I lean in and clench my fists.

"How? I- what?-I don't understand?"

"It doesn't matter how I found out. It matters why you did it." I hiss angrily.

"How'd you find out? Did you tell your mom?" He asks and holds his head in his hands. I shake my head. He sighs in relief. "I can explain, it was a mistake I swear." He starts to go off but I hold my hand up.

"I won't tell mom, but you have to change your ways. If I tell mom then she'd be heartbroken." I reply stiffly.

"I promise sweetie, it was a mistake." He rants and practically begs me.

"We'll start the training this Saturday." I walk out of the room and see my mom in the kitchen with a glass of orange juice. Parker is seated next to her, playing on his iPad. "Hey Parker."

"Hi Aurora." He responds distractedly.

"How'd it go?" Mom asks and sips her juice.

"Fine actually, I start training this Saturday." I smile happily and walk back upstairs, ignoring my mother's confused face.

" I smile happily and walk back upstairs, ignoring my mother's confused face

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I lay awake in the darkness,

Why can't I sleep?

I toss and turn, flip over my pillow, nothing works. I pick up my phone and check the time, it's 2:47. I close my eyes and try to force sleep into my eyes.

I feel my body starting to shut down and just as I'm about to fall into darkness, I hear a noise. I open one eye and hear it again.

My eyes shoot open. There it is again! I slowly get up and turn on my lamp. Everyone is asleep. The noise is coming from my window.

Oh my god. Is it a robber? I start panicking and look around, trying to find something to defend myself with.

I pick up my slipper and tiptoe towards the door. I gulp and grip my fluffy weapon. I'm so dumb! A slipper?!

It sounds like someone's throwing something at the window. I open the window hesitantly and peer down,

"Ouch!" I whisper/yell and rub my forehead. A rock just hit me on my forehead!

I squint my eyes in the darkness and make out the figure of....

James! What's he doing here at this hour?

"What the fuck?" I hiss and point to my forehead. "Shit. I'm sorry Aurora!" He apologizes profusely.

"Aaron wanted me to give you this." He holds up a card. I furrow my eyebrows. Aaron wrote me a card? My heart beat increases. He walks back to his car and gets a ballon.

He ties the card to the ballon and lets it go. It flies up to me and I reach out and grab it before it flies up to high. I open the card and just as I'm about to read it, another rock hits my window, close to my face.

Horrified, I look down at James who has a hand covering his mouth.

"You can stop throwing the damn rocks! I know your down there!" I shriek quietly.

I move away from the window and look at the card.

Dear Aurora,

I'm sorry for being so rude and keeping you in confusion. Truth is, I like you a little more than I would have liked. I've been unfair and I'm hoping you can forgive me.


My eyes read the letter again, and I feel a tug at my heart. I go back to the window and held up the letter. "Why didn't Aaron come? Why did he send his henchman?" I whisper angrily.

James opens his mouth to speak but is interrupted,

"Actually, I'm right here." Aaron emerges from the passenger door, holding a bouquet of roses.

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