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                     A U R O R A    When I was younger I never thought that I'd leave America and move to London

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When I was younger I never thought that I'd leave America and move to London. I had assumed that I'd be living there my whole life.

I didn't want to leave the memories I've made and all the good friends I've met. I didn't want to move across the world. Okay, maybe not across the world but you get it.

Dad decided it'll be better if we got to live closer to the family business since he expects me to take over one day. Lately, I've realized that all he talks about is his company.

But he doesn't know that I don't want to take over his business. He doesn't listen. Mom on the other hand just agrees with everything he says. It's beyond aggravating that I don't have a say in this.

That's why I'm currently sitting in the car with my headphones in and twenty-one pilots flowing through my ears. We had just got off the jet and driving to our new house. I tune out my parents' voices continue staring out the window at the depressing weather of London. Cars blur by and I feel a tap on my shoulder.

I look over to my brother as he sits up from his sleeping position and he sleepily rubs his eyes. His chocolate curls bounce on his head as he motions his head towards our parents. Only then do I realize that my mother has been saying my name for a while now.

I take out my headphones and smile slightly at my moms annoyed expression. "Yeah?"

"We'll be arriving in a few minutes"

I nod and look out the window once again. I watch as the normal houses turn into enormous mansions and we drive deeper into the rich side of London.

Of course, my fathers chooses to live here. The car slows to a stop in front of a very extravagant house. There are white gates around the house and a big fountain in the middle. In the very back there's a tree- not too big, not too small, but its leaves were circling around it so it's hidden from the outside. I smile already knowing where I'll go to draw or write whenever I feel down.

We all get out and some people come and take our stuff inside. I walk ahead and make my way inside with my duffel bag. The house truly is beautiful with sparkly marble floors and big chandeliers hanging.

The walls are white with gold lining. There are extravagant paintings on the walls and vases worth about 14 million dollars just laying around, waiting to be broken by dear Parker.

There is a grand staircase in the middle going up in two ways. I don't even blink an eye at all of this, you're used to it when you Richard Collins daughter.

I hear my dad approach me from behind and chuckles at my bored face. "Not even a little surprised?"

I shake my head and sigh. "Upstairs. Second door on the right." He pats my back and leaves. I make my way up to my room and find the door soon enough. I stand in front of it and turn the knob. I open the door and gasp at the sight in front of me.

I step in and let my eyes wander freely.

Almost everything was white and it was so simple, nothing that screams 'I'm rich!' The bed is white with pink throw pillows and there's a mini chandelier handing on top of my lounge chair.

The best part is a small desk near the bay window. My father knows how much I love to draw and write so I'm betting he got it specifically for me.

Even though, I can't draw to save my life.

I was just about to jump on the bed but a knock on the door makes me pause. I mentally groan at the distraction, I turn to the door and open it, outside is a woman- most likely the maid who seems like she's having a hard time carry all my luggage at once.

I immediately help lighten the weight on her hands. She's slightly hunched over and has very pale skin. Her straight black hair pinned in the back into a bun. She looks to be about 40 or so, maybe even older.

"Woah you could have called me down and I would have helped you," I say with a laugh. I balance the bags in my hands and open the door wider.

"No dear, it's fine my muscles have to grow anyways. Not getting any younger." She says panting slightly. I chuckle at her excuse and bring it all inside. She runs her hand through her hair looking a little tired. "Thank you. My names Aurora." I introduce myself.

"Your welcome! It's nice to meet you Aurora, I'm Paula. But I have to go, I have to start on dinner." She says politely and clasps her hands.

"Oh of course." I hold the door open for her and she leaves. I take look at my stuff on the floor and immediately cringe.

I'm kind of a neat freak, like a big one. I tie my hair into a messy bun and sit criss-cross on the floor. Ironic I know. I might as well get started.


I turn my side trying to get some sleep but I can't shake off my nervousness for tomorrow. Will I make a freak of myself? Will I meet any people? Will I fit in? I'm actually very nervous. You probably already guessed it but tomorrow's my first day at Golden Lake high. I'm finishing the senior year.

I've yet to learn the grade system here in London but it's only my first day.

Currently, it's 11:26 I'm lying on my bed in the dark with millions of thoughts running through my head. I had one of the maids bring up dinner to my room because I was too exhausted to go down there and have dinner like we're a perfect family after hours of cleaning.

All this overthinking was making me stressed and I've come to a decision with myself.

I'm not gonna care one bit about what anyone thinks or says about me. I'll get through the year alone if I have to, but I have to get through it though.

Yeah, that's what I'm gonna do. I just need to finish the remaining seven months of school and get out of here ASAP. Satisfied with my conclusion, I smile and hug my body pillow tighter and try to finally get some sleep.

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