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Auroras POV

       Okay two words, this day has been the worst

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Okay two words, this day has been the worst. Fine more like six words. But today has been the worst of the worst.

First the incident with Aaron Knight and then the big blow out with the barbies and to top it off, my car broke down! When school finished I was the first one out, then I turn on the car excitedly only to see that it won't turn on!

That is why I am currently walking back home which might take about roughly 35 minutes. I called my dad to send someone to pick me up but he didn't pick up. I called my mom but same thing, she didn't pick up.

I just walk and have someone come pick up the car later.

The only good thing out of this day was my new friend Becca. We just instantly clicked and it's like we've know each other forever even though it's been merely hours. She's actually really funny and smart once you get too know her. Thank god none of the Golden Boys were in my class except for Seth.

I kick at a rock while walking and angrily huff. A car passes by me and I glance towards it. I groan loudly when I see its the barbies in their pink Aston Martin. As if my day couldn't get worse.

She slows down a little to match my pace. "Aww is the bitch sad that she has to walk?" She says with a pout. Deep breaths Aurora.

"Hey Brenda why don't you leave me alone?" I say with a smile and show her the special finger. She scoffs and speeds off leaving me to walk for 25 more minutes. I pull out my phone so I don't look as if I'm about to cry.

Walking in heels is not a good idea. I'm scrolling through Pinterest when all of a sudden I hear a a car pull up besides me. Who's gonna make fun of my bad life choices now?

I look towards it and see its a Red Ferrari. Maybe Becca has a red Ferrari and she's come to rescue me?

The driver rolls down the window and it's the last person I expected it to be.

It's Aaron Knight.

"What are you doing?" I say tightly but nicely.

He says nothing but nods his head towards the passenger side door. Is he giving me a lift?

"Get in."

I meet his gaze and look into his green eyes. "I'm not going anywhere with you. I don't even know you." I cross my arms.

"So you'd rather walk in the rain that's going to start up in a few minutes? Be my guest." He turns on his car again and is about to take off.

"Wait!" I raise my hand. Believe me, I'd rather jump into shark infested water then ride with Aaron but it's going to rain and I have twenty five minutes left.

He stops what he's doing a looks at me. "Fine I'll come with you." I say through gritted teeth, only because I didn't want to walk in the rain in heels.

He nods his head towards the passenger door again and I walk to it. I open the door and sit inside. He starts the car and drives off. I expected the inside of his car to be messy and the usual teenage boy car but it's really clean and tidy. I don't mind though, I'm a neat freak myself.

"I live on 4th Street West." I mumble at him and he nods slightly, not moving his eyes from the road even once. I look out the window at the blurring buildings and feel my hair stick to my neck from the sweat. I take out a rubber band from my bag and quickly tie my hair into a messy bun.

   I see Aaron glance at me from the corner of his eyes but doesn't move his head

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I see Aaron glance at me from the corner of his eyes but doesn't move his head. I look at him and notice how curly his curls really are. He grips the steering wheel and drives expertly. He has veiny arms which I find incredibly sexy. Aurora stop! He's a jackass!

Also, I noticed how sharp his jawline is. It looked as if it could cut diamonds. He clenches and unclenches his jaw.

"Why are you staring at me like that?" He murmurs, his eyes never leaving the road. I shrug my shoulders.

"I don't know, I'm bored. Entertain me." I say and place my elbow on the armrest that's in between our seats. I place my chin on the palm of my hands.

"Don't park where you parked today again." He says quietly but in a husky voice, it sent chills up my spine. "Why?" I ask confused. I start getting really sleepy, maybe it's the comfy seats or the temperature in here.

"Because thats James parking spot." He replies shortly.

"I'll park wherever the hell I want to." I mumble quietly and feel my eyelids getting heavy. I rub my eyes trying to get the sleep to go away and come back when I actually need it. Aaron scoffs and shakes his head.

"Looks like playing it nice won't work. If you park there again then I will personally set your car on fire." He says calmly and takes a look at me. My mouth dropped open at his blunt threat.

"You wouldn't dare," I challenge. He laughs humorlessly and looks me right in the eye.

"Don't try me Aurora." He warns in a low voice. The way he said my name sent shivers up my spine. I sense the underlying threat and look away. I was mad. No, I was livid. But I try to control myself and not do something I know I would regret.

I cross my arms and wait for my house to come into view. We enter my neighborhood and were seconds away from my house.

Finally he pulls up in front of my house and turns off the car. He unlocks the door and I open it as fast as I can. I grab my bag and slam the door closed.

I speed walk up to my door and I hear his car rev off at great speed. I open the door and see my mom pacing around the room with her phone pressed up against her ears.

So that's why she couldn't answer my calls.

I see Paula taking laundry upstairs so I walk up with her. "Hey Paula, where's dad?" She notices me and smiles.

"He's got a business conference that he has to attend supposedly. How'd your first day go?" she ask politely.

"It was fine actually, I think I'll really like this school." I lie though my teeth.

"Oh yeah? That's great!" She says enthusiastically. I nod and give her a small wave. I open my door and throw my bag on the chair. I take my hair out it's bun and sit down on the bed.

What have I done?

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