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It's been a week. A week since I last talked to Aaron. A week since he dropped the Ray bomb on me. A week since he got in his car and stormed off to god knows where.

A week since we started ignoring each other.

The first few days involved me locking myself in my room, under a pile of blankets, just moping. Moping over the fact that maybe things between me and Arron were done, moping over the fact that Ray is getting abused, moping over the fact that my dad is cheating on my mom.

The only time I would open my bedroom door is when I had to go the school, or when Parker would bring me food.

That night when I got home, I couldn't even look at my father. He was just chatting with my mom lively like he wasn't making out with a different woman a few hours earlier.

I still haven't told my mom.

When I would go to school, Aaron and I would share these awkward smiles- well I would smile, he would just stare in response-, only for a second though. Soon I got tired of smiling and he got tired of staring.

His hair got messier, his eye bags got more prominent, his skin paler, and his eyes emptier. I didn't look too good either.

And whatever we had, just died down a little.

He went back to interacting with just the rest of the golden boys, and I would interact only with Becca.

Sometimes I would see him staring at me from the corner of my eye and my heartbeat would increase.

Me and Becca had also gone through a rough patch. And it was all my fault. She was hurt and angry over the fact that I would shut her out when I was hurt and that I was too busy with boy drama that I forgot my best friend had her own problems.

I'm doing fucking fantastic right now, aren't I?

Luckily me and Becca talked it out after I got her tons of flowers and wrote a whole speech on how I will never shut her out again, she forgave me.

But soon enough that one week turned into weeks and weeks turned into two months. Now me and Aaron walk right past each other in the hallways as if we were strangers. No smiling or awkward nods, just....strangers.

(Present time.)

"How are you and Seth?" I ask and take a bite out of my apple. Becca leans against her car and wears a giddy smile. "Amazing." She says dreamily.

I smooth out my uniform skirt and laugh at her love-struck face, jealousy picks at my stomach for her and Seth working out so well.

"Enough about me. Did he call or text you?" She asks nervously referring to Aaron.

"You know he hasn't."

"I'm sorry," She says and rubs my back in comfort. "If it's meant to be, then it'll be. Remember that." She reminds me. I nod my head, "Yeah, your right." I breathe out.

Just then a black Bugatti pulls into the schools parking lot, stopping right behind my car. Not long before the others come to.

Today I might have parked in the Golden boys parking lot. Just because I was so mad at Aaron for shutting me out.

There are four parking lots in the front with the boy's names written in each, and it's just for them. I parked in Aaron's.

And I'm not moving.

I know how angry he got when I parked here the first day I came to this school.

Out of the four parking spaces that are here, me and Becca took up two. We're probably going to miss the first period but I wasn't going to risk Aaron blowing my car up when I'm in class.

Three more cars pull up behind him. Two of them park in the empty spots and the other just waits behind Aaron.

James and Daniel get out of their cars, James rushes and sits on his hood, claps his hands together like an excited child while Daniel just stands there looking unamused, glaring at me.

I don't like you either dillweed.

Aaron's head pops out the window and he gives me a spine-chilling glare. "What the hell are you doing?" He hisses angrily.

I stubbornly cross my arms and lean against my car, showing that I'm not moving anytime soon. I cock an eyebrow at him and smirk, challenge me. Becca giggles from beside me and waves at Seth.

"Aurora you're being childish. Move. Your. Car." He narrows his eyes.

I put my finger on my chin and pretend to think about it, after a few seconds I turn around to face my car window and reach in. I pull out a poster paper that had the words 'NO' written on it very prettily with flowers and hearts all around it. And a few, erm, angry words and pictures. Well, not a few.

I hold it high above my head and smile sweetly at Aaron.

His eyes skim over my wonderful sentence that says, 'Biggest Moron in the world, is you!'

His scowl deepens and he gets out of his car, "I'll give you a two-second head start." He says with a challenging glint in his eyes.

Wait. Does he mean he's going to....

Oh no.

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