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^Thats Aaron's new cast.

^Thats Aaron's new cast

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I drop the poster board and went sprinting in the other direction. My hair whipped in my face at how quick I turned. Aaron starts chasing after me and I circle around our cars a few times.

"Becca! Help me!" I yell nervously. I squeal in surprise when Aaron's hand brushes against the back of my uniform blazer.

He's fast as fuck.

"STOP, YOU SON OF A PICKLE!" I shout anxiously as he starts to get closer and closer.

I hear Aaron's hard footsteps behind me so I try with all my might to go faster. I hear Becca laughing loudly and James is clutching his stomach with squinted, teary eyes.

I look behind me for a quick second and sure enough, Aaron's curls are flying with the wind. I laugh loudly and stick my tongue out at him, to which he cracks a small smile.

I stop behind Seth's car and Aaron stops near the hood. I'm panting loudly and hold my hand to my chest, while Aaron is barely tired at all. He's staring at me with a challenging glint in his eyes.

Becca is perched against her car with Seth by her side, she has her phone out and she's recording while laughing with the other boys. "Cmon! Why'd you stop!?" James yells over Seth's laughter.

"Aurora's hair looks like a birds nest," Daniel whispers to Seth in silent laughter but I still heard it.

"Leave me alone," I grumble and show him my special finger. Daniel innocently holds up his hands in surrender and points to my hair. I shrug carelessly and turn to Aaron who's glancing between me and Daniel.

"I'm tired, give me two seconds." I breathe out between pants and put my hands on my knees.

"Nope." Aaron's smirks and comes after me again.

Startled, I yelp and start running towards the entrance doors. Everyone's in class so the hallways should be empty.

"Dammit, now I have to get up." I hear James faint grumble behind me and hops off his car hood as I sprint into the school and down the main lobby.

"Hey! Running to the school was not an option!" Aaron's shouts from the door and starts running after me.

"Whoops," I answer sarcastically and laugh loudly in the air. My body feels like it's on fire, I pass a janitor that gives me a confused glance as to why a sophisticated lady like myself, is running in heels.

I see the ladies room coming into view and I exhale in relief. Aaron surely won't come in here right?

Then again, I don't know Aaron that well.

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