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Aurora POV

       "Ugh!" I bang my head on the steering wheel

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"Ugh!" I bang my head on the steering wheel. I haven't been at this school for more than four days and I already want to kill myself.

Today I parked in the second row, even though I'm not scared of Aaron, something tells me he really will set my car on fire.

Here I sit in my car, in front of Golden Lake High, contemplating if I actually need a education. Ah fuck it. I grab my bag and step out the car. I close the door and walk to the main doors.

My heels clack on ground and people give my not-so-secretive sideways glances. I look towards the first row of the parking lot and see the Golden Boys are here already.

They are leaned against their cars and smoking cigarettes. Disgusting. I shake my head and my eyes lock with Aaron. He stares at me for a few seconds then simply blows out smoke and looks away, taking another drag.

That's literally cancer on a stick. But I'm a distracted by a certain morning bird.

"Hey Rora! Good morning" Becca says enthusiastically and walks besides me with a broad smile. You see Becca and I have become super close.

"There is nothing good about this morning!" I exclaim. I wish I could be a ray of fucking sunshine like Becca. "Oh cheer up, make the best of each day" She nudges me with her elbow.

"Oh! Yesterday I found this meme on Pinterest and I've been laughing at it for hours." I say excitedly and fish my phone out my bag. Becca's eyes widen,

"Woah if it made you laugh then it must be hilarious!" She says with a dramatic gasp. I roll my eyes but look for it.

We keep walking but my heads down cause I'm to focused on finding that damn meme. I finally find it and show Becca. Becca reads it and I watch as her small smile turns into a full on grin and into a maniac laugh.

"Oh my god! Where did you manage to find that?" She wipes a tear but more fall. Soon enough we're both laughing our asses off. We keep walking but we can't contain our laughter.

I'm laughing so hard, mostly because Becca sounds like a horse when laughing. I turn to Becca to say something when suddenly my breath is knocked out of me.

I bumped into something or someone and I stumble back, I fall flat on my ass and Becca burst into more laughter.

My phone flew towards someone's feet but I don't look up. I sit there fazed and shocked. I look up at Becca and see she's holding her stomach and had to crouch on the floor.

She's laughing so hard that she's having trouble breathing. Seeing her laugh like that makes me laugh too. Five seconds later we're both laughing so hard that it's all tears.

I get up and wipe off my blazer and skirt. Thankfully the bell rang awhile ago so there's no one in the hallway except for us. But that means we're late. I go to grab my phone but another hand grabs it before I do. I look up and my eyes bulge out my sockets.

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