Festivals and Teasinh

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Your POV

"Woo today's gonna be a fun day" you say sarcastically

"What do you mean? The Vytal Festival is here!" Ruby says excited for the event

"Yep today's gonna be booooorriiiinnggg" you groan and Ruby pouts and tan punchs you lightly

"Does that mean our fights gonna be boring?" She says with a smile which was scary

"Ok ok maaybe your guys fight might be entertaining" you say putting your hands up in surrender

"Good because we are fighting CEM (Cinder, Emerald, and Mercury idk just for short) and they only have three people" Blake's says while looking at her book as you get a message from your scroll and you pull it out to look at it

"Hehe about that.....I'm being asked by Ozzie to fight with them to make it "fair" you say as you chuckle nervously

"WHAT THATS BOT GONNA BE FAIR YOUR GONNA CARRY THEM" Weiss cries out as she cries as you look at her worried

"You ok snowie?" You ask as she looks up and groans and you laugh

"Well we got to go we have our battle girls" you say as you turn around and walk towards the arena as everyone follows

Tiny time skip

Cinder POV

"So we are teaming up with Y/N?" I ask Ozpin as he nods and takes a sip of his coffee as Mercury groans and Emerald blushes

"Is there a problem?" Ozpin asks as you shake your head

Emerald POV

"So we are teaming up with Y/N?" Cinder asks as Ozpin takes a sip of his coffee as I go haywire with happiness inside

'I get to team up with Y/N I get to get him back for what he sent me' I blush remembering what he sent me

"That bully.." I groan as I have a massive blush across my face as someone comes from behind Ozpin and  it was Mrs Goodwitch as she whispered Ozpin something as he nods and looks towards us

"You three and Y/N have a battle soon with RWBY so go and meet up with him" Ozpin says as we all nod and walk off towards the arena


"Where are theeeeey" you groan as you hear footsteps and look up to see a blushing emerald, a stone cold cinder, and a pissed of Mercury as you sigh

"Well let's get this over with huh?" You say as Cinder nods and walks off into the locker rooms as Emerald walks up to you and you look down at her as she blushes and pushes you into her locker as you look at her while in it as Mercury somehow didn't see her push you

"Hey Emmie what's up?" You ask as you suddenly blush as she changes right in front of you

"H-hey now now emerald no need for this-" you say as she takes her bra off as her locker door covers her breasts from Mercuries view but gives you a close up show of hers

"This is payback for that picture you sent me" she says as she slides her hands up you legs as you struggle to be quiet to prevent both of you from getting caught as she smirks and shoves a cloth in your mouth as you find it to be her panties as you freak out but before you can do anything she pulls your semi-erect member out as she starts to stroke it as she smirks at you and kneels down and starts to lick your tip

"Hey Emerald what are you doing?" Mercury asks as she stops licking you as she smirks at you

"I dropped something" she says as she goes back to licking your now erect member as she has stars in her eyes as she stares at your member

"It's even bigger than it was in the photo..." she says as she strokes the base of your member as she takes your tip into her mouth as you hold in a moan as Emerald takes you whole as her chin hits your testes and her nose hides in your pubes as you hold her head there as she is shocked and puts her hands on your hips as you deepthroat her and you unload your load down her throat

"Mmmm" she moans as she pulls out your member out of her mouth as your member and her mouth is connected by a thick line of semen as she swallows  and smirks at you as you look at her and glare as she stands up and kisses your nose

"There's your reward for your teasing" she says as you take her panties out of your mouth and look at her

"Im going to get you back" you say as she laughs and changes into her battle outfit and you step out of her locker

"Hey you two we got to go it starting soon" Cinder says as you both walk out as you put your arm around Emeralds shoulder and you give her ass a nice squeeze as she jumps in surprise but flares at you as you chuckle and walk out to the arena with team CEM

"Heeeeerrree we go" you say as you walk down the hall and into the opening and gets consumed by a bright light

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