Fight it!

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Ozpin POV

¨we must defeat him..." I say as everyone turns to me with widen eyes

"how prof.. we cant hurt him again..." Blake says as Jim dashes and slashes at everyone with his katana as a shockwave sends us all flying as Pyrrha stands her ground by stabbing her sword into the floor as Josh appears behind her and kicks her towards the forest as he follows suit and battles her in the forest

"PYRRHA!" Yang cries as she blocks...or tries to block a strike from Jim but he just knocks her back and into a tree as she groans and slides to the floor as i start to figure out their strength and finally decide to join in on saving Y/N

Ruby POV 

"stand back.." Ozpin says as he approaches Jim while Jim just smirks and swings he blade around his neck and catchs it with his other hand as the blade rests on his shoulder

"well well, finally decided to be useful?" Jim taunts as Ozpin simply sighs and gets into a fighitng stance and dashes at Jim, Jim tries to strike Ozpin but a green orb appears and blocks Jim's blade as Ozpin thrusts his cane and nails Jim in the gut sending him flying

"GAHK" is all that is heard from the crash site of Jim 

"jeez old man you pack a punch" Jim says as he stands up completely unharmed and hops out of the hole that was created and dashes at Ozpin and sends out a flurry of slashes and stabs at Ozpin for it to only be blocked and deflected by Ozpins green shield

"this is annoying" Jim says as Ozpin thrusts his staff at his chest knocking him back 

"what was th-" Jim says before boulders upon boulders smash into him from above as I turn and see Glynda with her crop as Jim punches a boulder away as he walks out hurt

" were always the annoying one" he coughs as he looks at Glynda and falls to his knees and disappears into the shadows as Josh goes flying past us and into a wall as he sits there and then just like Jim disappears into the shadows

"nice!" I say as Pyrrha appears behind a tree very badly injured as i rush over to her and heal her with my aura

"t-thanks rubes" Pyrrha says as a shadow looms over the both of us as Pyrrhas eyes widen and i turn to see the figure with his blade ready to strike us but blake, yang and nora block his attack and sends him flying

"wake up y/n!" Yang cries as she gets into a fighting stance a y/n stands there ad stares at us as he holds his blade and creates a portal we all have seen too many times

"GET BACK!" Yang screams as a lot of portals appear behind him and around us

"one..." y/n says before slicing into a portal and his slash storm starts to build up as we get slashed and attacked in every direction before a red portal opens up and slash at y/n for him to only catch the persons blade without looking 

"wake up..." the figure says as y/n turns his head to look at her before throwing her into a tree as she groans and stands back up and gets back into a fighting stance

"MOM!" Yang cries as she jumps next to the figure as they look at each other

'wow they really do look the same' I think before looking towards Y/n as he stands there and gets his weapons ready katana in one hand, chain scythe in the other

"weak..." is all he said before disappearing and appearing in front of Pyrrha and Nora as he spins to kick Nora as she blocks the kick but gets sent flying as Pyrrha blocks a spinning slash from Y/n 

"i dont want to fight you y/n!" Pyrrha says as he just stares at her and swings his chain scythe around and it wraps itself around Pyrrhas waist and throws her away, I dash towards Y/n and use my semblance as everything seems to slow down and i get my scythe ready to slash at him but he seems to be looking at me already not slowed nothing

"you think you are fast?" he asks as he blocks my strike and wraps his chain around my scythe and forces my hands downward as i let go of my scythe and it crashes into the floor

'crap...' i say as i look down at my scythe and when i look back up am met with a punch to the gut as i gasp and go flying in to blake as she uses a shadow clone to catch me 

"you alright rubes?" she asks as i nod a little bit while holding my stomach in pain as Ozpin walks up beside Blake

"prof do you know any way to free him?" i ask while trying to get up only to groan and sit back down

"at the moment yes but you won't want to know how to do it" he says as Blake looks back and listens 

"how... we need to know" Yang says as her mother, or my aunt walked up beside Ozpin

"we..have to kill him" Ozpin says as i start to tear up as well as everyone since we have to kill the man we love and watch him die again but this time by our own hands

"is that the only way..?" Aunt asks as she gets her katana ready, Nora and Pyrrha run to us and blake is having a stare off with y/n 

"no..we have to kill him hes under the influence of.. Salem" he says as all of us but Glynda tilt our heads in confusion

"Salem?" i ask as he nods

"the woman responsible for the grimm.." he sighs and gets his cane ready as y/n flashes in front of blake and grabs her neck 

"GA!" she cries as she holds his arm and tries to escape his hold

"BLAKE!" Pyrrha cries as we all turn and see her getting choked by Y/n as his eyes are filled with hatred but then calm down back to his emotionless gaze as he puts Blake down as she coughs and regains her breathe

"what?" Ozpin says as Y/n just looks at the coughing Blake and his eyes start pouring tears but still stay in his emotionless gaze

"HA!" Yang says as she punches Y/n in the face and a dust cloud forms from the pure force she put into it, as the dust settles Y/n is still standing there as if Yang didnt even punch him as he grabs her arm and he throws her up and pushes her away as he stares at everyone before putting his head down for a second before looking at all of us and backs up into a portal he created and disappears from the area

"y/n.." i say as tears starting flowing out of my eyes

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