Flash backs

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Your POV

You were sitting with Team RWBY when something came up

"so Y/N how did you meet Crystal in the first place?" Yang asks as Crystal appears on your shoulder

"oh her? well thats kinda a long story" you say as they gather around you

"tell us please" Ruby asks as you sigh

Flashback (12 yr) 3rd person POV

You were trapped.... Atlas Soldiers were hunting you down since you were accused for killing a Atlas General but you came out innocent later on but you were currently running away from Atlas soldiers as you run into the forest

"Halt!" one of them yells as you trip and fall down a hill as you slam your back into a tree as you lie there in the middle of the forest as Atlas soldiers surround you

"freeze!" they all say as their weapons where trained on you as you look up and from the shadows you see something move...it looked woman like as you curl into the fetal position as the soldiers look at you and advance as the woman grew closer

"w-watchout...." you say as you curl back up while putting your hands to your ears as the woman loomed over them as she was at least 7-8 feet tall as she then changed form as her arms changed into multiple blades and the soldiers herd her changing as they turned around and saw the woman towering over them as they fall down and she then impales all of them before they could say a thing as their bodies slumped to the floor as she took the blades out of their chests as you were still in the fetal position as the woman walked towards you and sees you shivering as you look up and see her standing over you

"w-what do you want...." you say half crying as she kneels down and she shrinks which surprised you and you looked at her as she was about the size of you as she pats your head as you instantly stop and wipe your eyes and look at her

"c-can you talk or no..." you ask as she just looks at you or you think since her face was a blank canvas as she pokes your head as you fall back and fall asleep as she picks you up and walks you towards Vale as more Atlas soldier came out and saw you in her arms as she was back to 7 feet tall as they all shivered and the leader came up to her as she just stared at them

"who are you identify yourself" he commanded and she just kept looking at him as he then sees you in her arms as he chuckles

"there he is please give us that boy" he says as she just turns her head towards your sleeping state but still holds onto you as the leader got anger

"gives him to us before we attack the both of you" he barks as the soldiers got their weapons trained on the lady as she grows 2 more arms as they turn into spikes and 2 more formed into a shield 

"fire! Fir-" he yells before she rips him into two pieces as the soldiers started to open fire onto the both of you as she shields you and kills the rest of the soldiers off as their dead bodies laid there as she cradles you in her arms as she walks into Vale as everyone stares at her sheer height and in her slim features as well as her.... assets as she holds you, you slowly wake up and panic as she looks at you as you look a her

"h-hello" you say as she just looks at you hug her as she stares slightly shocked

"t-thank you for saving me.." you say as she pats your head and she then sets you down and starts to walk away as you follow her and she looks at you as you tilt your head in confusion and she pushes you back a bit and starts to walk away again but you still follow her as she tries to put up a barrier to stop you but you just walk through it as she stands there shocked as she looks back and sees you standing there

"w...h..y a..re... you....fo....llow...?" she tries to asks 

"i-i have no other family or friends so your my only friend  i think..." you say as she looks at you and faces you as you look up to her as she turns into a gooy liquid as she turns into the scariest monster she thought she knew but you just stood there and look at her

"h...o...w......a....re....you....no.....t s..ca...red?" she asks as she changes back into her original form as you look at her

"you..you and even if you change your appearance i won't be scared because i know its not the real you" you say as she freezes at what you said as look back to you as you look at her

"are...we....frien..?" she asks as you smile with happiness and throw your arms up 

"of course we are!" you say happily as she just looks at you but she changes back into a black goo and she goes to you and covers you in the her goo as you look at her on your body as she enters through your mouth and you couldn't breathe for 5 seconds but you then could breathe again and you look for her as she isn't to be seen

"she...left......" you say as you start to cry 

"do..not...cry...I..am...here with you" she says in your head as you look around but she then appears in front of you as you smile and hug her

"tha..nk...you...my...friend...." she says as she picks you up and carries you to a cave 

Flashback End

"and thats how i met her.." you say as you look around to see everyone asleep and its dark outside so you look at your scroll and see its 10:57 pm

"i guess we should catch some sleep" you say as all the girls suddenly hug you and you fall over with them and you sleep with everyone in your bed

"night...girls.." you say

"night~" they all said before everyone went to sleep

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