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Ruby POV

"everyone ok!?!" I yell as we all start to get up from after the White Fang attack as Christa and the little ones are shown from under crystal as Crystal looks around in panic and starts looks for something throughout the rubble as Christa looks after the little ones 

"wheres Y/n" I ask as everyone looks around and see crystal fall to her knees

"crystal!" Christa cries as she kneels next to her and we see red and white veins grow across Crystals body just...like.. a grimm

"Christa get away!" I yell as i use my semblance to dash and grab Christa before she could get stabbed by one of Crystals spikes that launched out towards Christa as everyone gets defensive while looking at Crystal, she stands tall and we see Grimm veins and a newly formed skull mask as we all panic and get our weapons ready

"whats happening to her!?!" Weiss yells from behind a destroyed wall as Crystal sends out tendrils and try to stab everyone

"HEADS UP!" Yang yells as we all dodge the tendrils as they spear the floor and crystal seems to be looking towards the mountains and slowly makes her way towards a red portal that appears and a figure walks out and crystal walks up and shrinks down to our size as she hugs the figure covered in black with white hair and beading red eyes as he stares and observes us before taking out his...wait...no no no NO!

"where is y/n" i demand as he just stands there and holds y/n's katana in his hand as I feel multiple feelings developing within me.. anger, sadness, and most importantly the feeling that was burning inside of me was.. revenge

"WHERE IS HE" i scream as i use my semblance and dash at him with my scythe ready to take his life as i swing at him, he looks at me and then to Crystal and nods as Crystal blocks my scythe with her arm which is in its blade form 

"where is he.." i say to him as we make eye contact and his red eyes stare deep into my soul, the moment was broken when crystal slashes at me and i use my scythe to block the attack and i go flying into yang as she jumps up and catchs me

"who is that?!!" Yang asks as the figure just starts to walk towards us with y/n's katana in one hand a chain scythe in his other as it spins it as my eyes well up with tears

"y-yang" i say while tears stream down my face as she looks at me and tilts her head in confusion

"he has Y/Ns weapons.." i say as i break dow in tears

"noo..." Yang says while looking up and seeing that he indeed has Y/Ns weapons as her eyes turn red and her hair lights up as she gets up and dashes to the figure

"WHAT.HAVE.YOU.DONE!" Yang screams as she tries to punch the figure for another figure to block her punch as she gets sent flying away

"hehe that all you got shortie?" F2 says before F3 swings the chain scythe around and smacks Yang with it making her go flying

(F1=you F2=jim the older one F3=josh your "dead" clone

"no... it cant be IT CANT BE" Yang cries as she faces none other than Jim but as a grimm form as he smirks and takes his katana from F1 hand and swings downward as a pitch black energy force outlined in red goes flying at the both of us

"die" is all he could say but luckily Weiss jumps in fron of us and blocks his strike with her semblance as Ozpin and everyone else runs into our location

"whats going on and who is that?" Ozpin asks as they see the three of us with our weapons ready so they all take out their weapons and get into a fighting stance as Jim slings his katana over his shoulder

"my my my weak as always sister just like how you couldn't protect me HAHAHA" he laughs as Yang clenches her fist and dashes at Jim with Blake following behind her

"my my my my my" Jim says before he spins the dull side of his katana around his neck as he catches the hilt in his opposite hand and dodges Yangs punch while blocking Blakes strikes 

"we need to help them!" Pyrrha says as she uses her semblance to gather iron rods and sends them towards Jim as he simply laughs and gets impaled by the rods and gets pinned to the floor as his body goes limp and Josh just stands there next to F1 as Crystal is her smaller form and stands on his shoulder as they watch

"whose weak now asshole.." Yang says as she looks at Jims body for his eyes to look at her while he laughs and contorts his body to get out of his situation as he palm strikes Yang in the chest and sends her flying as Blake comes up behind him and slashes at his neck but Josh uses his chain scythe to catch her and slam her into the floor as she groans and gets back up all wobbly and Jim stands in front of her and smirks as he tilts her face up with his finger and closes the distance between their faces

Blake POV

"please help....shes.. controling him" Jim whisper begs as my eyes widen and Jims eyes quickly go back to black and red 

"wh-" I say before getting palm strike'd by Jim and I go flying and before I could slam into anything Glynda catches me with her semblace as i look down at her

"hes being controlled.." I say to Glynda as Ozpin turns away from Jim and looks at me

"controled?" Glynda asks as I nod

"he said she is controlling him" as Ozpin moves as if he knows something but goes back to facing Jim 

"we will talk about this later we still have to deal with those 4" Glynda says putting me on the floor and turns to Jim before making boulders and destroyed pieces of Y/Ns house levitate

Ozpin POV

'So Salem has found him..' i say to myself as we all get ready to fight Y/N and his alters

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