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RWBY Chibi Harem x Male Dragon Faunus Reader by SavageKidd2115
RWBY Chibi Harem x Male Dragon Demon?Kidd
I don't even know. This idea just sprouted in my mind and I figured why not do a story on RWBY Chibi, but with more mature theme and sexual content?Sooo, do enjoy. Discl...
  • malereader
  • velvet
  • summerrose
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Cheater Weiss x reader x Neo by Suomiqq
Cheater Weiss x reader x Neoby Suomiqq
Ice queen cheated on you. You went to ice cream parlon and you met one of kind ice cream
  • rwby
  • cheaterweissxreader
  • neo
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The Third Player (Rwby X Tortured Reader) by Crashbexpert
The Third Player (Rwby X Jason Marroquin
(F/N) is the twin brother of Yang Xiao Long. He was a very shy and kind person to the point where Yang would tease him. His relationship with his sister's and father wa...
  • blood
  • gore
  • male
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Cheater Blake X Mreader X Neo by The_Night_Stalker
Cheater Blake X Mreader X Neoby The_Night_Stalker
More Neo stuff, cause why not I don't own RWBY it belongs to Roosterteeth
  • blake
  • neo
  • rwby
King of Grimm by ImTheUnderTaker_28
King of Grimmby Lau Renz Enriquez
You are son of Taiyang.... You are not a Rose or a Branwen. You are a year younger to yang and a year older than ruby. When Raven found out about your existence she left...
  • cinder
  • abuse
  • neo
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Remnant's Knightfall (Rwby X Bane Reader) by Fair_Play
Remnant's Knightfall (Rwby X The Grey Man
The title says it all Disclaimer I do not own any characters in this story. RWBY belongs to Rooster Teeth And Bane and all characters related to him belong to DC comics
  • action
  • romance
  • dc
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Rise of the Werewolf: RWBY Harem x Male Faunus reader by ShaNEON_757
Rise of the Werewolf: RWBY Harem ShaNEON_757
This is a story I thought of and when it popped in my head, I decided one day that I will work on this. In this one, you (The reader) are the first Werewolf Faunus and y...
  • weissschnee
  • fanfiction
  • malereaderinsert
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Neapolitan (Neo x MReader) by OtakuNationX
Neapolitan (Neo x MReader)by Gaara Kazekage
I love RWBY (Neo especially) so I thought I'd make a fanfiction about it. Plus, there aren't alot of Neo ones. There will be lemons and a ton of graphic content and lang...
  • rwby
  • fanfiction
  • xreader
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RWBY x OC : The Wolf In The Dark Part 1 by JontoreanG
RWBY x OC : The Wolf In The Dark JontoreanG
This is about an original character of mine that i wanted to write a story about and since neo is my fav charcter in RWBY i decide to make it a neo x oc This is my first...
  • neo
  • rwby
  • wolfinthedark
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Fallen angel (RWBY x Cinders brother reader) by Crow-0phis
Fallen angel (RWBY x Cinders Smiling phantom
You're the brother to a very dangerous criminal named Cinder but you're dangerous in your own right to
  • neo
  • weiss
  • cinder
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(Neo x Fem Reader) by Frost-Exmachina
(Neo x Fem Reader)by Frost-Exmachina
First off... I don't own RWBY that's all for Rooster Teeth. Second, this is a GxG story so if you're not comfortable with that then you shouldn't read this. Third, enj...
  • weissschnee
  • sunwukong
  • neo
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Red Hatred/Love:RWBY Harem x Male Cheated Bullied Half Demon Reader by SavageKidd2115
Red Hatred/Love:RWBY Harem x Demon?Kidd
Your life was nothing but a living hell. You were a student at Beacon, but you were a target of bullying by Team CRDL, Team SSSN, and shockingly, Team RWBY who slept wit...
  • rubyrose
  • ravembranwen
  • coco
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Ice Cream  by Game_Breaker
Ice Cream by Game_Breaker
A Neo X Male Reader Story I do not own RWBY or any photos I had. I'll add gear in your Description.
  • neoxmalereader
  • cheater
  • rwby
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RWBY x Pyrrhas brother reader by Crow-0phis
RWBY x Pyrrhas brother readerby Smiling phantom
living in the shadow of the great Pyrrha nikos all your life has got to suck unfortunately it's the life you have
  • cinder
  • emerald
  • rwby
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RWBY x reader by Crow-0phis
RWBY x readerby Smiling phantom
You are the brother of yang and Ruby who ran away
  • neo
  • yang
  • rwby
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Time's Cruel Hand (RWBY x Male Abused and Neglected Reader) by CrossedGuy
Time's Cruel Hand (RWBY x Male Cross
"Time is a created thing. To say 'I don't have time,' is like saying, 'I don't want to'. Time is an illusion. Time is a thing we create but most of us don't use i...
  • coco
  • time
  • rwbyfanfic
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Wilted Rose:RWBY Harem x Male Abused/Neglected OP Reader by SavageKidd2115
Wilted Rose:RWBY Harem x Male Demon?Kidd
There was a time where Summer had given birth to a young boy who's name WAS Y/n Rose. However for a long time, you were abused and neglected by your mother, father, youn...
  • xmalereader
  • velvetscarlatina
  • blakebelladonna
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Neo X Uchiha/Senju Male Reader X Weiss by Saiyatonian17
Neo X Uchiha/Senju Male Reader X Saiyatonian17
It'a all in the info......
  • neopolitan
  • neo
  • uchiha
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RWBY Harem x Fem! White tiger faunus! Reader by Nighttra
RWBY Harem x Fem! White tiger Nighttra
Y/N is a white tiger faunus that travels to beacon. Once she gets there she makes plenty of friends, but what she doesn't realize is that she attracts plenty of lovers a...
  • nora
  • sun
  • gxg
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The last guard : RWBY x male reader Vol.1 by GlenAldoAZE
The last guard : RWBY x male GlenAldoAZE
After years of brutal conflict, the civil war in Vacuo is coming near it's end. Just days before the government officially surrendered, Ozpin and Glynda were on a missio...
  • rubyrose
  • xreader
  • malereader
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