Sacrifice for them

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Your POV

"guys get out of here" you say as they all look towards you as you just look at all the grimm

"NO!" Ruby says as she readies her scythe and everyone else readies their weapons as you just sigh

"fine but don't go dying on me" you say as the everyone but Tai and Qrow pouts

"whatever!" Weiss says as she starts creating glyphs

"well" you say as you pop your neck

"lets go" you say as you dash towards the grimm horde hacking and slashing at them as everyone else attacking the grimm 

"this seems too easy" you thought to yourself as you hear everyone else struggle

"too many!" you hear Yang yell as she fires her gauntlets at the grimm as a Death stalker sneaks up on them

"I told them to run..." you sigh as you jump to them and slash the death stalker into peices as they all look at me with a sigh of relief

"get..out of here" You say as they all want to detest but you just sliced at the air as a huge portal opens up and you push them in

"cya guy la-" you get cut off as three death stalker tails impale you in front of both teams as they all cry your name

"ouch.." you say weakly as you close the portal as they try to get out but you close it and you cough out blood later as the three tails lift you up off the floor as 6 other tails impale you as you try to use your weapon to cut off the tails as you just hang there as they start to back away as you fall to the floor with 9 holes in your body as you start to lose your sight

"hehe guess its over for me" you say as you fall over dying of blood loss

Ruby POV

"NO Y/N!" I cry as I ran towards the opening only for it to be closing slowly as we all witness Y/n getting impaled by the death stalkers as you looks up to me and smiles weakly as he raises his arm but to only get impaled by the others but the portal closes right before i was able to get out

" no NO!" I yell as i try to hit the part to where the portal opening was to only hit nothing as we all stand as the entrance of Beacon as I fall to my knees and cry into my hands

"no..not again" I tell myself as I just cry and cry 

"if we left earlier he wouldn't of died..he died saving us.." I say as I just sit there tears in my eyes 

Blake POV

"no..he can't be dead he can't be this is a bad dream" I say as I feel tears swell up in my eyes as I wipe them knowing that it won't help bring him back

he understood me..he accepted me no matter what happened and now he is gone..and im alone again

Yang POV

this was just like what happened when he died the first time..he cant be dead now right?.. he cant be dead again he just got back and made me the happiest person but now he died saving us

"no..." I say as I cry and run to my dorm room as I open the door I run in and go to my bed and cry myself to sleep

Weiss POV

"i-is he really gone?" I ask myself as I just clench my fist as feel rage but then it softens into sadness knowing that my love has been gone as tears swell up in my eyes and i quickly wipe them away but more and more kept on coming so i just let them all fall as I think about Y/n and how he has been always so nice to everyone


"NO Y/N!" I yell out as he pushes me through the portal with a warm smile as three death stalkers impale him as he gives us a smile and closes it right before it closes fully i see the other stalkers stab him

"no...." I say starting to cry as I lost a person who I loved with all my heart is gone in a blink of an eye saving us and telling us to get out but we refused making this...our

Nora POV

"dammit dammit DAMMIT..Dam...dammit" I yell as I fall over using my hammer as a support to keep me up as I see everyone else crying as tears fill my eyes as well as I just let them flow as the two older men just look at us

meanwhile with your body a red portal opens up and a figure steps out and examines your body

Author POV

"what is this? after all theses impalement i still sense aura coming off of you..interesting" the figure say as the figure slings your body over their shoulder and carries you off into the forest's darkness leaving only the pool of blood you left behind

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