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Your POV

"heeeerreeee we goo!" you cheer as you charge at them and pull out your Katana as you start to slice in front of you as you stop and jump back as Jaune runs right into the areas you sliced same with his team

"whats wrong chickening out?!?!" he yells as the areas start to explode and send them flying as you just chuckle 

"you guys seem not so good at anything huh?" you say as they get up but you stand there as Ruby dashs past you as she swings and swipes at Sun and Neptune which throw them off guard and Yang appears above Ruby as she lets a flurry of punchs fly at the two as they go flying into their team

"wow I can't believe you guys are this pathetic" Cardin says as he turns back to you and RBY as his team gets ready to fight as you just chuckle

"guess its time to use a trick of mine" you say as everyone looks at you

"a trick? you have more abilities than last time?" Blake asks as Team SSSN gets up and you give a thumbs up to her as you pull out your violin as Cardin just laughs at you

"haha whats that gonna do bore us to death your so path-" he gets cut off by a 7 foot faceless mannequin as he goes flying but stops himself short using his mace

"the hell is that?" he says as suddenly 3 more mannequins emerge from the ground as it starts to stand in front of you as they just loom there in place but you stop playing as the mannequins just looked at you softly as you just put your hand up to one of their face as it puts its hand to your hand which was on its face as you smile and they start to transform into Coco, Velvet, Glynda, and Raven as they just have pure black eyes instead of their normal eyes as they all turn to both SSSN and CRDL as you just sigh

"whats that supposed to do scare us? bet you its just a replica" Cardin says as he laughs but is slashed by a concentrated swipe as they look towards "Raven" who has her sword in her hands as she has an emotionless face as the copies started to run and fight the two teams as you turn to the girls

"w-what are those" Ruby asks as they walk to you but a mannequin comes from behind you and puts its arms around you as the girls back up as they sense strong intent from the mannequin

"whats wrong girls?" you asks as they just shiver and look above you as you turn around and meet one of the female mannequins putting you in a defensive stance as you turns towards her and put your hand to her face a she eases into your touch and you put your forehead against hers as you whisper to her

"thanks for worrying about me these three you can trust" you whisper to her as she nods slowly then she turns smaller and is in your hand as you put her on your shoulder as you look over to the others as they slowly walk over 

"thats the Match Y/N and Team RWBY Win!" Glynda calls outs as you walk over to the mannequins as they slowly start to turn back into their normal faceless giants as they all hunch over and so their heads are the same level than you as you smile at them as they have a slight tint of pink on their cheeks because all of them are female as you put your hand to each of their cheeks as they ease into it but then sink back into the floor as an ink substance on the floor as the substance crawls up your hands as you put it on the floor and the ink travels up your arm and merges with the female on your shoulder as she just shivers as it merges then goes back to normal as she sits on your shoulder

"great job team" you say as Team RBY just look at you in awe as you wave in their face as they snap back into reality and blush madly as you just look at them

"you guys ok?" you ask as they nod rapidly but run off into the lockers as you then flash-step next to Glynda as you scare her but putting your body onto her shoulders as you lean on her as she jumps in surpise

"Y-Y-Y/N that was an interesting fight wasn't it?" she asks as you kiss her cheek as your friend on your shoulder jumps up and softly attacks your neck with soft punches as Glynda looks at her as she attacks your neck

"is that a friend of yours?" Glynda asks as you nod

"does it have a name?" She asks as you think about it 

"no she doesn't have a name yet" you say as you put your hand up and she stops attacking your neck and jumps onto your hand as you put your finger and pet her as she enjoys it as you think of a name

"hooowww about Crystal" you say as she agrees with you as you put Crystal back on your shoulder but she climbs up onto your head and lays down on you head as she messes with your hair

"well what is she?" Glynda asks as you look towards her

"she is this inky substance with a life and she is able to form into whatever she wants also she placed a piece of her in my head so she understands me when we agree on what she and I want her to change into" you say as Glynda stands their shocked as you pat her head and walk into the halls 

"cya later Glyndie" you call back as she pouts and starts to yell at you as you keep walking but you feel your scroll go off as you look at it and its a text from Ruby asking you to come to their dorms

"alright guess im going to their dorm" you say as you look up and see that Crystal is laying on your head 

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