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10 years old Your POV

Tears trailing down my cheek as I was once again beaten by my so called "family"

"haha you should go disappear because even if you do NOONE will ever remember you and actually miss you" a 12 years old yang says as she stands over your broken body with a wide smirk

"I-i-i am sorry...sorry for living in your house..." you say sadly as you get up and go to your room

"I am gonna tell dad that you beat me up and then he will definitely beat you to a pulp loser!" a 10 year old Ruby says while smiling happily as you slowly limp to your door and close it behind you.

You limp over to your bed and flop down on it and start to cry as everything in your body hurts and pain has the only thing you have know through out your life as your "parents" Summer Rose and Taiyang would not careless if you even died.

"fine...if you wish me to go and disappear i will follow your orders.." you say while crying into your pillow in your room that is actually the addict of their house.

"Y/N COME DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!!" Tai yells as you slowly get up and go to him limping

"yes.." you say while looking at the floor hiding your tears from falling you then feel the pain as Tai's fist connects with your cheek as you are sent across the living room and you hit a wall as tears start to trickle down your cheek as you look up at your "father"

"Y/N do you really think it is ok to attack your twin sister?!?!" Tai yells as Summer comes in and is holding a fake crying Ruby

"Why did you attack Ruby!" Summer yells as you feel someone pull you up and kick you in the gut as you cough up blood

"You are such a disgrace to our family I don't even know why we keep you here and feed you" Summer says in disgust as you get up and limp to your room

" sorry for attacking Ruby" you say as you face away from your family and then a door opens and you look and see as your "uncle" Qrow walks in

"I heard that my sweet sweet Ruby was attack" he says as he looks at you and imitatively takes his scythe and stares at you with a death stare

"Qrow i already gave him his punishment but if you wish to punish I will not stop you" Tai says as he walks over to ruby and pets her

"Don't worry Ruby your uncle Qrow and I will protect you no matter what" he says as he smiles and Ruby just sits there and smiles as you know what actual happened as you try to limp away as you feel a hand grab you and throw you across the room and into a wall leaving a dent as you look up and see Qrow cracking his nuckles

"no one messes with my family" he says as you cry internally as Qrow starts beating the living hell out of you then throw you into your room and locks the door

"No dinner for you" Summer says as you realize that she has never called you "son" or your actual name as you go into bed and cry to sleep

"why..why do you guys hate me so much?..I just...wanted to be loved.." you say as you drift off to sleep

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