Fight or Flight!

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Your POV

You get up and yawn as you see that Blake and Pyrrha are still sleeping next to you as you carefully get out of the bed and go to the showers as you take a warm one

shortly later

"man that was a good shower" you say as you dry your hair off and go back outside the bathroom seeing the girls all gone 

"probably left to get dressed" you sighed as you went to go get your weapons as you flash step to your classes as you sit down and look at the clock seeing it is 8:00 so you put your head down and take a quick nap

quick and tiny Timeskip

"Y/n" someone says while poking your head as you look up to see Blake looking down at you as you sit up and rub your eyes softly

"morning kitty" you say softly as she blushes and covers your mouth quickly as you look at her as she blushes

" no one else knows that dummy" she says as she sits next to you as you see Sun walk up to you and Blake

"hey who are you? thats my spot buddy" he says as you just look at Blake and act like you didn't hear him

"so Blake how are you this morning?" you ask as Sun starts to get irritated

"HEY DUMBASS IM TALKING TO YOU" he yells as he pulls back as his fist flies at you as you simply stomp on a loose board on the floor making it fly up and hits his fist hard as you hear him cry in pain as he holds his fist as it bleeds and you lift your foot off of the board and it falls back down and into place

"oops didn't see filth like you there" you sigh as Blake just looks at you in amazement as Sun and his team runs over to him

"hey whats going on here?!?" Neptune yells as he helps tend to Suns wound but only makes it worse as Sun screams in pain

"aww suck it up baby your aura will heal it" you say as Neptune and the other two you recognize as the other cheaters who were dating your girls and you sigh and get up

"well he was the one to pull punchs im jsust here protecting myself you sigh as you hear the bell ring and you took out your scroll

"perfect class has started now get back to your seats" you say to them as they all looked angry but go back to their seats as Blake hugs you from behind as you flinch but put your hand ontop of hers as her arms wrap around you waist

"thanks.." she whispers as you chuckle and sit back down with Blake


"HEY YOU!" Sun yells as he points at you as you look up to him

"what" you say plainly

"let me and my team beat your dumbass to the floor next class!" he says as Blake appears next to you

"b-babe what are you doing with a guy like him?!?" he says as she hugs my arm

"nothing just hugging someone I love" she responds as all of a sudden Ruby and Yang pop up behind both me and Blake

"YEAH!" Ruby and Yang yell as the other two guys on Suns team flinch at seeing all the girls mob over you as Ruby is forcing you to give her a piggy back ride as Yang just hugs your other arm

"well" you say as you just stand there and Team SSSN gets mad

"you bastard!" they all yell drawing their weapons

"now now lets just settle this in Gly- Goodwitchs class" you say as they put there weapons away

"your gonna lose" they say as they walk off and you turn back to the girls

"where have you guys been?" you ask as Yang and Ruby both nervously laugh

"n-nothing" Ruby stammers as you look around

"where is Weiss?" you ask as they both nervously laugh again while scratching the backs of their neck

"she'll be back later" they say as you shrug and walk off towards Goodwitchs class


"when are they comingggggggggg" you groan as you wait for Team SSSN to come out but when they do both Team CRDN and SSSN as you groan more

"here we go i guess" you say as you ready your Katana as it appears on your waist as Ruby, Yang, and Blake hop next to you

"hey girls" you say as you wave to them as Team SSSN are shocked

"b-babe what are you doing!?!?" Sun yells as Ruby yells back

"you cheated on us! so we got back with the person we love!" she yells as the whole arena goes silent

"w-what are you talking about!" Sun yells as Ruby pulls out a scroll which recorded their "fun time"

"i-it wasn't what it looked like!" Neptune yells as you just sigh

"sooooooo we gonna fight or what?" you ask as RBY get ready as well as CRDN

"whatever get ready to lose wimp!" Cardin yells as you sigh

"well my job is cut out for us right girls" you say as they look at you

"here ya go girls" you say and give them reinforcements for their weapons as they put them on and their weapons become slightly bigger and cooler

"HELL YEAH" Yang yells as you put your finger over your mouth

"language Yang" you chuckle as she blushes and looks away

"anyways lets get to it" you say as you turn back to both SSSN and CRDN as the four of you charge at them


sorry for being gone for a bit I've had..issues with home right now so now im back

YAAAAAAAAA or no oh well

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