One is Falling in love

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Your POV

you pet both Ruby and Yangs heads as they start to calm down as everyone else looks a look of wordiness because of how you just talked about being abused so freely

"what?" you look at the rest of the girls as they just look at you

"hello?" you ask finally regaining their attention

"oh umm" they say as you just laugh and give them a warm smile that lights everyone's faces up in a deep blush as they leave to go to their dorms as you get up and look at the two hanging onto you like it was for their lives

"you two really have changed haven't you?" you say as they both look up to you with puffy eyes from crying

"its getting late you two should probably go and get some sleep" you say as you look up at the night sky

"o-ok"Ruby says as she and Yang get up and go to their dorms as you flash-step on the top of the dorms roof as you look out into the starry sky 

"man i guess this is how this is gonna play out isnt it?" you say to yourself as you sense someone approach you, you look up to see Pyrrha standing over you as you get up and face her

"hey Pyrhha whatcha doing out so late?" you ask as she starts to Fidel with her fingers

"I wanted to ask you something.." she says as you look at her and give her a warm smile

"sure anything"

"what would you do if you love someone?" she asks as you just smirk

"well Jaune seems like he isn't really interested but i know you will come up with something to get him to finally notice you" you say as you look up at the stars as Pyrrha blushes

"where did you get that?"

"its kinda obvious he is just very oblivious" you say as you turn back to her

"but if i wanted someone to notice me i would want to hang out with them all the time and have them develop feelings for you at first then once they are ready then you can ask" you say as she just looks at you

"sorry hehe i guess i really never have felt in love or have been loved before i guess" you say as you softly laugh

"really?" she asks

"yeah..most of my life i was beaten and neglected and never really felt anything like love or kindness"

"but you are so loving and kind to others"

" i am?...i just thought i was a disgrace to life" you chuckle sadly as you feel Pyrrha hug you

"well your not and if you want me to fill that hole in your heart than i will"

"but i though you lik-" she puts a finger to your mouth silencing you

"i never said i did like jaune i know he likes Weiss" she says as she looks you in the eyes her green eyes are like emeralds

"so you like me?" you ask, she only sighs and kisses you, her lips felt soft and loving to the touch she separates and looks you in the eyes again

"does that answer your question?" she asks and you slightly nod and she smiles and hugs you

"well i guess its time for me to head to my dorm" she says as she breaks the hug and head back to her dorm leaving you standing there like an idiot

"well that just happened" you thought

"i guess this wont be as boring as i thought"


"maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan that was a good nap right Glyndie?" you say as you tease Glynda as she just glares at you and goes back to looking at the matchs

"Y/N please re-frame from distracting me from my duties" she say as she just stares at her papers so you thought of a funny thing to do mi hope Pyrrha doesn't mind as you sneak up on Glynda and plant kiss on her cheek as she explodes into a blushing mess dropping her papers and using her crop to send you flying into the arena

"well that was fun" you say as you get up to watch everyone fight


You walk aroundin the cafeteria as you see 4 guys being mean to a bunny faunas as this makes you feel like you wanted to rip someones head off as you walk over to the group

"hey whatcha guys doing?" you say putting on a fake smile

"showing this freak its place" the leader says as i just smile and my eye twitchs a bit

"mind if i join on showing freaks their places?" you ask as the girl the cowers in fear

"sure go ahead" the leader says as he steps out of the way and you walk towards the girl who is shivering but you give her a gentle smile which confuses her as you turn around and use the momentum to punch their leader across the face and sends him flying as the other three just look in shock

"scram" you say in a almost demonic voice as they scramble away you turn to the shivering girl as you kneel down and softly rub her ears

"hey you ok?" you ask her as she starts to relaxe into your touch and nods

"whats your name?" you ask as you stop  touching her ear

"v-velvet" she says as you give her a gentle smile

"hey you aren't a freak you are a beautiful faunas and he doesn't have the right to call you a freak so if he does just tell me and ill take care of him ok?" you say as she looks down blushing but nods as she runs over to her team as they walk into the Cafeteria, you get back up and go to a wall and watch as suddenly team RWBY starts a food fight in which you find quite fun to watch but the fun was interrupted as Glynda fixes everything

"aww Glyndieeee why you gotta ruin the fun like that?" you ask as hug her from behind making her blush as Team RWBY and Pyrrha give you the death glare

"whats up you guys?" you ask as you look at them as they inch closer to you their veins poping in their foreheads 

"Y-Y/N" Pyrrha says while giving a dead smile


"you better run for doing that to our teacher"Yang says as she punches her fists together

"meep!" you say as you flash-step away as Team RWBY and Pyrrha chase after you

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